Travelling Japan with family

Hey all!

Board to death

I'd like to take a minute to talk about something newly near-and-dear to my heart-- the delicate art of shooting down a snowy mountainside at high speeds while strapped to an extremely slippery object.

ALT Advisor's New Number

Hi all,

Is everyone enjoying the most popular festival in Japan? The little talked about Desk Arranging festival!

My office also celebrates this holiday and as a result my phone extension has changed. I can now be reached at 027-226-4615.

TV (photo of TV)

nice TV for sale, 2 flat screen monitors, one small, one usual size, two HP printers....multi speed folding jet printer, 2 desk top PCs, fans...
power tools only, so an email to my address is the fastest....

Legit. volunteering organisations

I'm looking at volunteering in Ghana this year. I'm a volunteering virgin so I've no clue what the process involves.
I've been scouring the net for months and I have no idea what is a good/bad organisation.

I assumed I'd sign up with a group, get myself to Ghana and I'd crack on with whatever 'tasks' they threw at me. Never assume.

Snow related activities that don't involve a board or skis

Can anyone recommend a place, in or around Gunma, where we can tube/sledge etc....

We are hoping to do something fun and snowy without the injury risk that comes with snowboarding and skiing.

Any ideas??


MUSICIANS..........more pre moving sale photos

This is too heavy to ship home. I bought it new and only used a few hours in my studio........400 watts.kicks ass....

also new violins, 7,000 each

if you are half way serious,

Flea Market pre moving sale photos

Here are some photos of the table and bikes for sale.
Use this address if you are interested...................

Teachers union

here are some links, a bit old, I would like to help bring a union to Gunma, anyone else? Your pay will be better, job security, benifits, stop getting riped off and treated with disrespect. Join a union. You wont lose your job, the union will be on your side.

ALT Evaluations

Can any ALTs tell me how often ALTs get an evaluation from their school? And do you get a copy, good, bad, or so so?

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