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Gmail Petition

Hey everyone; it appears that some of us have come back to school following Christmas to find GMail blocked on our school computers. This is most likely a problem for some of you, as well as blow for GAJET, as our email system is GMail based.

Help at Christmas - Please read

Hey all, "the most wonderful time of the year" is almost upon us, and this year, GAJET is trying out a new idea to help those who forget about it until it's too late to make plans.

Lost a camera?

Someone left a camera at the bowling alley on Friday; it's an Olympus Stylus 80, analogue stills camera - maybe somewhere between silver and champagne gold.

Does it belong to anyone?

CANYONING PEOPLE! I need your contact info!

Hi everyone. I'm about to send out the final details on how to pay for the canyoning trip, and it has to be done via email. I currently have no way of getting in touch with this list of people - please read this entire message if you plan on going to canyoning!

List inside...

Team Taught Pizza - Sold out for now

GAJET is sold out of Team Taught Pizza for the time being. If you want one, please let me know and I'll keep track of the people that still need it. (Sean I still have the one you wanted, I'll bring it on Friday).

Beer Garden changed to Friday, August 31st

Final changes to beer garden date, also please post a comment on the event if you're going; they've asked us for an estimate of attendees. Read the full blog entry for more info...

Beer garden - Cancelled -

Hi everyone - I posted this on my blog so it would be on the front page. Please read the updated event entry for more info; you can find it here:

To new JETs!

Congratulations to our 36 new Group A Gunma JETs! Please click on the title and read this in full.

Welcome to; this is the central site for JETs in Gunma to keep in touch, as well as stay informed of events in and around the prefecture, as well as the events specifically ran by GAJET.

Pictures and notes for Tokyo Info Fair wanted!

Hey all, GAJET is coming up to one of its busiest times of the year - next week is Tokyo Orientation A, followed by B the week after, and the Maebashi Orientation the week after that.

We want, in order to decorate the stand for GAJET, pictures and written experiences from current JETs about GAJET events and general Gunma greatness.

Hello everyone!

Hello and welcome to my inaugural post on the GAJET desk as GAJET president.

For the new people, this is the GAJET desk - it's essentially a link to the GAJET (Gunma chapter of AJET (Association of JETs)) president's blog.

On this page you'll be seeing comments following the events and initiatives we organise and run.

So, to introduce the new council members (position, name, location):

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