Lesson Plans

TitleLesson PointTimeGrade
Color BingoColors10-15 min depending on grade level
What did you do in the summer vacation?Past Tense Verbs15-20 min
How To Interview Bingo and WritingHow To ~20-25 min
Alphabet BingoAlphabet10-15 min
Plurals PracticePractice Writing Plural Forms~10 min
Past Tense Writing PracticePast Tense Verb Spelling~10 min
May I Use Your Pen?May I & Could You15 min + depending
Pronunciation TreeDifferentiating Minimal Pairs~ 5 min
Letter SoundsIntroduction of Phonics
それ英語?English-style Romaji
ABC MatchUppercase / Lowercase Association<5 min
Time BINGOTime10~15 min
What are you going to do in the summer vacation?Be Going To50 min
"Show me your passport please"Conversation at the airport, be going to50 min
Halloween AFT Shukai lesson planA plan to do an activity for halloween for the whole school 600 elementary school students in the school gym.20 mins Morning Assembly time.
Summer InsectsGroup class with 4 or more ALT present50 mins
Summer InsectsGroup class with 4 or more ALT present50 mins
Did you...? BingoPast simple15 minutes
Typhoon GameReview just about anything30 Minutes
Do you have any plans for this weekend?Future (going to)30 minutes
Comparisons and Modals (Must, May, Could)Review of comparisons (ex: Bob is shorter than Jen.) Practice using Modals (Must, May, Could)about 50 minutes
Music: Verse and Lyric OrderIdentifying words in music.40 min
Board GameSpeaking40-50 min
ChristmasAmerican Christmas culture and differences with Japan.50 min
Trapped on a Deserted IslandRanking and explaining reasons in English. Warm-up: Punctuation is important!50 min
Skit StartersSkit making, improvisation, or writing practice.Variable
End of School Year JTE SurveyGetting feedback from your JTEs.N/A
Essay WritingHow to write an Essay50-60 min
Crazy IntroductionEncourages creativity and independent thinking.45-50 minutes - full class
Killer Halloween resources!Halloween45-50mins each (there are 6)