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109 Cinemas

The movie theatre in Takasaki.

Shows Japanese and foreign films, and many English language films are in English with Japanese subtitles.

Regular ticket prices are 1800 yen for adults.
Shows after 20:00 (22:00 on Friday/Saturday) are only 1200 yen.

Asamayama volcano

Gunma is home to a world famous volcano: one of the great sites of the Pacific Rim of Fire that includes celebrated volcanos in the Phillipines and Hawaii.

Asamaya 1973
[Eruption of Asamasan in 1973 - photo by E. Koyama, Asama Volcano Observatory]

Brazilian supermarkets, restaurants in Oizumi & Isesaki

Take a break from life in Japan for an hour or 2 by going to a Brazilian restaurant or supermarket; cheaper & takes less time than a flight out of the country! Most are in Oizumi, some in Isesaki. If you know of a good place, post it here or in another location guide.

Canyons Minakami

Canyons is an outdoor adventure company that also runs a lodge (Alpine Lodge) and a cafe/bar that holds regular (weekly) music events. Tours on offer:
rafting, canyoning, mtb., canoeing, kayaking, bungy...
snowshoe, backcountry, ski and snowboard lessons

Freestyle Cafe & Bar

Freestyle Cafe & Bar is your home away from home for western style food and drinks in a comfortable fun environment. We have nightly specials from 7-8 starting Tuesdays as the bar is closed Mondays. Tuesdays are two for one martini nights. Wednesdays are Men's night with two for one hi-balls and special menu chicken wings for 500 yen. Thursdays are Ladies nights with two for one cocktails.

Fukiware Falls - 吹割の滝 (fukiware no taki)

Fukiware Falls is a waterfall in Numata-shi Tone-machi. The name means something akin to 'falls that split and blow.' The name comes from how the ground appears to be split and the sheets of spray that come from the falls.

General Traffic Center - 群馬県総合交通センター (Gunma Ken Sougou Koutsuu Sentaa)

The Traffic Center is where you have to go to get a Japanese driver's license or an IDL (for your Japanese license).

Getting a License:

If you are an American:
You will need:
1. American license
2. Official translation of your license from JAF
3. Passport
4. Alien Registraion Card

Gunma Lifelong Learning Center - 群馬県生涯学習センター (Gunma-Ken Shougai Gakushuu Sentaa)

This is where a lot of the prefectural ALT meetings are held. It is a white/gray building about 4-5 stories high.

There is also a children's museum there which does various children's activities if you have kids.

Gunma Prefectural Building - 群馬県庁 (Gunma Kenchou)

The Gunma Prefectural Building, or Gunma Kencho, is located in Maebashi. This is where some of the JET meetings are held. The building is 33 stories tall and has another three stories underground. It is the tallest in Gunma, and has a nice view from the top. You can see exactly how crowded Gunma really is.

Gunma Prefecture- 群馬県

Gunma Prefecture (or Gumma if spelled phonetically) (群馬県; Gunma-ken) is located in the Kanto area of Honshu, Japan. The capital is Maebashi. The kanji for Gunma mean "herd of horses."


Heso Matsuri - へそ祭り (Bellybutton Festival)

On the fourth Friday and Saturday of July every summer, the city of Shibukawa, (the self-proclaimed geographical center of both Gunma and Japan) holds a festival to celebrate the fact that it is the "belly button of Japan".

Higashi Agatsuma 東吾妻町 and Agatsuma Region 吾妻郡

Agatsuma Region / Agatsuma Gun is in the west of Gunma and starts as you enter the mountains after Shibukawa. Towns and villages include: Nakanojo, Takayama, Kuni, Kusatsu, Higashi Agatsuma Town, Azuma, Nakanojo, Tsumagoi and others. As you travel from Nakanojo to Tsumagoi your altitude increases dramatically, and so do the winter weather conditions!

Horseback Riding Lessons

Horseback riding lessons at the Prefectural Ranch

Immigration Office - 入国管理事務所 (nyuukoku-kanri-jimusho)

This is where you have to go to get re-entry visas and visa extensions. Get there early if you can or you'll be waiting there all day. Doors open at 9am. They close for lunch from 12-1. (There is a KFC next door and plenty of shopping in the area if you need to kill time.) Take a number from the ticket machine on the counter as you walk in.

For re-entry permits:

JAF - Japan Automobile Federation

It's not really part of the government, but it is one of those official "Red-Tape Type Places" you may have to deal with.

JAF is where you go to get your official driver's license translation. Cost of translation is 3000 yen.

Requirements to qualify for a translation:
1. A valid driver's license that is dated at least 3 months before you arrived in Japan.