Try Global Cafe!

Clark Quigley from the Gunma Women's Prefectural University is inviting ALTs and other English speakers in Gunma to join in on the upcoming semester of Global Cafe. Please drop by if you are interested in mingling with the locals in a friendly, fun, and educational way!
Clark Quigley wrote:
ALTs: Looking for an opportunity to meet local Japanese? Try Global Cafe.
    Global Cafe; 6:30pm Thursdays at the Gunma Kencho Showa Chosha 1st floor.
    The new semester begins next Thursday, September 18th.
Global Cafe is a weekly English conversation group for people from around Gunma hosted by the Gunma Prefectural Women's University each semester. On Thursdays from 18:30 - 19:45, Japanese people of a wide variety of ages and backgrounds gather on the 1st floor of the Gunma Kencho Showa Chosa (the 3 story building adjacent to the Kencho entrance) in Maebashi to practice English, have some tea or coffee, and meet foreigners in a relaxed atmosphere. Native speakers of English who participate receive a 2000 yen Quo gift-card (which are accepted in many retailers, restaurants, and combinis all over in Japan). Its not an eikawa or English class, just a good way to meet local people in Gunma who are interested in speaking English. If your interested, come out and say hello.
    Benjamin BRANT
    CIR/PA Gunma Prefecture

Go to Global Why? 'cause it

Go to Global

Why? 'cause it is a good chance to get out and be active within the community PLUS people get curry afterwards and it is the shizzle.

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i'm in! this is tomorrow

i'm in!

this is tomorrow right?

The first session is tonight

The first session is tonight at 6:30pm.

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I'm already part of another conversation club that takes place every monday in Maebashi, but heck, I'll show up for this one too!!