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here are some links, a bit old, I would like to help bring a union to Gunma, anyone else? Your pay will be better, job security, benifits, stop getting riped off and treated with disrespect. Join a union. You wont lose your job, the union will be on your side.




I'm keen as to get this happening. I worked as an union organiser for a few years before coming on JET...

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... With that ><

You'll need all you can get.

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Way Down!

Dude's this is awesome. I've been looking to join the teacher's union here and have had several talks with one of my JTEs about it. He's a member and it seems super tight. I would be down for helping in anyway that I can. Shall we get a group email/forum going?

Seriously, great to know others are interested!

Annie: Your JTE is most

Annie: Your JTE is most likely a member of an actual teachers union, which would be separate from an ALT/foreign workers union if it got set up.

You know, unions in Japan

You know, unions in Japan might be protected by law, but as an ALT I'd think it's dangerous to join one. Contracts are one year at a time, and while they can't fire you for being in a union, they don't have to rehire you. Ask around. Companies in Japan don't like unions. I can't imagine the BOEs of various cities would be different.


There is already a large established union for ALTs that spans, through various organizations, most/all of Japan. Here is their Kanto region website: http://nambufwc.org/

Good luck.

ALT Union

I had a meeting with AJ an ALT Union rep. It was VERY informitive..........WOW I learned a few things about our companies ripping us off and what we can do about it. I know some of you fear you will lose your job. YOU will not, in fact joining will pertect your job....It does not hurt to talk and find out about it........Union dues are only 2,000 a month to have the union watch yopur back and help you with ANY problem. I wish I had joined years ago.... They want to have an internet meeting with anyone interested on skype or net meeting so you can join the meeting from you home instead of driving to Tokyo. You dont have to tell your company you are a member (until they try to cause a problem) no worries really, check it out.

Call AJ amj45ali@hotmail.com
or Louis 09093636580

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Something to Think About

For private ALTs and those working for companies I think this is a really good option. Many of the big companies are notorious for taking advantage of their workers and I wish you all the best.

How ever, it probably isn't the best idea for JET ALTs to join this organization. Now, I haven't really been involved with unions nor am I overly familial with a lot of the terminology. I certainly don't mean any disrespect to the union or to its members. But I would like to mention a few reasons why JETs should think twice before joining.

First off, most JET contracts do have a clause forbidding them from joining various organizations, especially those that can be considered political. Now, even if this union has no political ambitions the majority of Teacher's Unions I know of in Japan tend to be viewed as very political. Joining a union could easily be viewed as a violation of the JET contract.

Secondly, while JET isn't perfect, I think we can all agree that it does offer much more than your average haken gaisha. Due to this disparity it sounds more likely that JETs will not gain from joining and that the union will suffer. JETs presence could either set the standard too high for companies to feel like cooperating, or simple undercut the unions claim that they need better treatment.

Again, this sounds like a great idea for non-JET ALTs and I think they are working on very important changes that should happen. Still, JETs joining this union might do more harm than good to the union and to the individual.

Best of luck.

Brent Thomas
ALT Advisor
tel: 027-226-4618
email: thomas-br(at)pref(dot)gunma(dot)jp


Aren't unions for individuals with some kind of skill or trade?