Snow related activities that don't involve a board or skis

Can anyone recommend a place, in or around Gunma, where we can tube/sledge etc....

We are hoping to do something fun and snowy without the injury risk that comes with snowboarding and skiing.

Any ideas??


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I almost bisected myself laterally when I was a kid by riding an inner tube directly into this massive elm tree.... have you considered making snow angels for a few hours?

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sledding / tubeing for grownups

Most ski areas have sledding areas for kids; don't think I've seen any groups of adults just sledding, just parents & kids. Last winter I hiked on Mt. Amagoi - Google Japan maps: 雨乞山 behind my house in eastern Numata. Some of the slopes on the top golf course would be really good for sledding, but to access those you would have to: drive 10km from Numata station & up the hill most of the way, then hike up the hill quite a ways to the golf course in case your car can't make it up the road to the top; chains may not be enough for the drive all the way up, as the road isn't plowed. I got stuck driving up last year. Roads up there should be mostly driveable now, but a storm could change that. Bring your own sleds or tubes. Soak in a nearby onsen afterwards.

Anyone else have ideas? A sledding place with not many kids on it & a tow lift or something would be fun to go to.