Transmission Ends needs 2 rock musicians

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Do you want to be cool? Do you want to be rich? Do you want to be famous and have harems of beautiful women throwing themselves at you while snorting free drugs off their naked bodies!? Then become a rock star in Transmission Ends today!

Long story short, we were a 4 piece rock band, In August our drummer moved away, and this November our guitar player is moving away. We'd like to bring it back to a 4 piece. If you play drums, bass guitar, or electric 6 string guitar, we need you! We're looking for 2 guys (or girls). We've got songs and costumes... and cookies.

CONTACT: You can respond directly on here and leave a comment. You can leave us a message on our myspace or facebook page (link at the top) or you can email us at

Rock on.

By the way, the cool, rich, and girls with naked bodies thing isn't really true. Sorry.