2011 Nagano Marathon

2011/04/17 - 00:00
2011/04/17 - 23:59
Event Information:

The 2011 Nagano Marathon (full 42.km) will be held on Sunday, April 17 in Nagano city. The course is flat, organized exceptionally well, goes past 4 Olympic stadiums and 200,000+ spectators; snowcapped mountains, cherry blossoms & downtown Nagano are some sights along the course. Last year the field of 8,000 runners filled up in 5 1/2 hours for Japanese people; foreigners have from Oct 23rd to Feb. 25th, 2011 to register. Last year I was in a middle starting block, crossed the finish line in 2 1/2 minutes & was at my running speed in less than 5 min. - much faster than in a race with 30,000+ runners. There is a 5 hr time limit to finish (last runner usually finishes in 5:15 or so, though), but this isn't a problem for moderately slow or faster runners; this isn't a race for walkers. One of the best marathons in Japan, this is one of the few races with registration, websites & more support in English. I plan to run it again, have volunteered with the race for the last 8 yrs.

Event Location:

Nagano city

Event Directions:

Shinkansen from Takasaki: about an hour. By car: 2 hrs.

Event Contact Information:

Event web site in English: http://www.naganomarathon.gr.jp/contents/13th/english/index.html
or Google 'Nagano Marathon'

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marathon cancelled

The 2011 Nagano Marathon has been cancelled, as a large number of staff who would have been working with the marathon are currently working to help victims of the recent natural disasters.

The 2012 Nagano Marathon will be held in mid April 2012. Plenty of time between now & then to get ready for the race. Hope to see you there! John