GAJET Thanksgiving Dinner (Nov. 1st Sign-Up Deadline!)

2010/11/30 - 17:30
2010/11/30 - 20:00
Event Information:

DEADLINE TO SIGN-UP IS TOMORROW, NOVEMBER 1ST! (I apologize for not putting this up on this website earlier, but it's been on FB for a while. So make sure you join the "Gunma ALTs" FB page!)

For those of you from the northern half of the American Continent: It's Thanksgiving time! Yes, it's time to celebrate by eating Turkey with your friends and neighbours from different countries.

So come to G-FACE! Celebrations are on the same day as our midyear seminar so hopefully we'll all already be in Maebashi.

Cost: 3,500 yen

Menu: Turkey, salad, vegetables (corn, mushrooms, carrots, green peas, etc), dessert (pumpkin pie and bread pudding?)

Alcohol - We are allowed to bring 500ml of alcolholic beverages. (This is because we are on govment property and we are encouraged not to get wasted.) So 2 bottles of wine between 3 people would be about right.

We need to confirm with G-FACE the exact number of people in advance so the closing date for signing up to this event will be MONDAY, NOVEMBER 1ST. I think the maximum number will probably be around 50 people.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are on the "Attending" list come November 1st, please know that means that you're committed to attending and paying for the event.

Sign-Up over at FB!!/event.php?eid=164113423607921

Event Location:

G-Face Cafe (Next to Kenchou) in Maebashi