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Hey everybody,

Out of the blue I thought about making a passport for my elementary and junior high students for the new school year and wanted to see if anyone else has done this and how you went about doing it. In other words, did you give students stickers or "visa stamps", were there any rewards for the students if they finished their passport, did you choose random countries/cities for the students to visit or did you specifically choose them?

Basically, how did you use it and whether you think it was worth it. Lastly, I have passport template I thought about using but if you have something really cool, I'd appreciate it if you could send it to me or maybe even post here on the website if possible.



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Here are two suggestions: (yes, I'm stealing these ideas from other places including the "Enjoy Bingo" books that a lot of schools use.

1)Either as part of the passport or as a separate folder attachment give each student a map that has certain countries chosen. The path between countries is made up of a certain amount of steps. Every time the student accomplishes a goal be it answering a question, winning a game, or speaking in the hallway a step gets stamped. When the student fills in all the steps to a capitol city (or really any city) they get a Passport stamp or sticker.

Depending on what you have you could make the "prize" a new map with more countries "unlocked". Or start in Asia and then move to a different continent with new passport pages. If you have a printer you buy blank sticker and make a flag sticker for any country you like. This might be cheaper than buying ready made stickers. Completion and collecting might be its own prize.

2)Depending on how much stuff you have or are looking to give away you can have it on a prize system. Every three country stamps wins a sticker or pencil or some little knick-knack like that. If you do this I'd suggest marking there progress with a stamp or signature. Gaining stickers to win stickers might be confusing.

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