Got Japanese skills? Want to volunteer in Okinawa?

Ishigaki triathalon is looking for a few good men and women to volunteer as interpreters in April during this big event. Below is an e-mail from the CIR in charge of the event:

Hi, my name is Stephanie Toriumi, and I am the current CIR in charge of the volunteer interpreters for the Ishigaki ITU Triathlon World Cup 2011 and Ishigaki Island Triathlon 2011. As top athletes from around the world come to compete in the Ishigaki ITU Triathlon World Cup each year, Ishigaki City works to promote international exchange and peace by welcoming and supporting these athletes. However, we cannot do this without the help of volunteer interpreters including CIRs and locals.

The Ishigaki ITU Triathlon World Cup 2011 and Ishigaki Island Triathlon
2011 will take place on Sunday, April 17th. The CIR volunteer program will run from Tuesday, April 13 -Tuesday, April 20 and we are planning to ask 10 CIRs to come help from across Japan. We are also looking for 15-20 people from Ishigaki City who can volunteer as interpreters during April 11-21. Because this is an international high-profile sports event, the volunteer interpreter selection process is selective, and priority will be given to those who have experience and language skills. If you are interested in volunteering, please email for an application form (application is due by Feb. 18) It’s a great opportunity for you to see southern Okinawa, be part of an international high-profile sports event, and meet new people from all around the world. Hope to hear from you!

Important details:

Period: April 13 - 20, 2011

Location: Ishigaki City (Ishigaki Island), Okinawa Prefecture

* You will need to pay your own travel expenses.

* You will need to convince your office to allow you to come on special
leave (vacation time). Some offices allow their CIR’s/ALT’s to leave
without using vacation time.

* You will be provided with a free homestay. It’s an excellent
opportunity to learn about Okinawa and Ishigaki culture on a firsthand

Some links for information about the triathlon and Ishigaki:

Stephanie Toriumi, Coordinator for International Relations
Ishigaki City Hall, Public Relations Divison, Peace & International
Relations Section
TEL: (0980) 82-1243 FAX: (0980) 83-1427 cir[at]