Tohoku Earthquake Relief Supplies Donation Drive

2011/03/23 - 00:30
2011/04/03 - 18:00
Event Information:

Tohoku Earthquake Relief Supply Collection from Gunma Citizens

In Gunma Prefecture in order to provide necessary support to the areas affected by the Tohoku Earthquake, relief supplies from Gunma citizens are being collected.
Citizens of Gunma, we ask for your whole-hearted support and cooperation.
For information regarding the large amount of relief supplies coming from other organizations, please contact the Crisis Management Department (TEL: 027-226-2258)

Supplies Needed:
1. Non-perishable foods (cup noodles, instant ramen, microwaveable rice, etc.)
2. Powdered milk・baby bottles
3. Disposable diapers (baby, adult)
4. Feminine Hygiene Products
5. Disposable kairo (pocket warmers)
6. Blankets・Clothing (new and/or newly cleaned<--MUST be cleaned)
7. Underwear (New only)
8. Bottled Water (500mL, 1L, 2L)

※Please refrain from including any perishable items and items with expiration dates within 1 month.
※For easy shipping, please collect and organize items in some way, ideally in a cardboard box, and list items neatly and using large letters so that the list can be read clearly from the outside of the package
※The list of relief supplies is based upon the need of those in the affected areas and can be updated at any time.
※ Donations are not accepted by post.
Drop Off Location Hours of Operation
  08:30-18:00 (everyday)
Donation Period
  Friday, March 18, 2011 until enough supplies are collected.

Event Location: