club FLEEZ & Rudy presents 『FRuit』vol.4

2011/02/24 - 19:00
2011/02/24 - 19:45
Event Information:

I did not organize this event but there are four good bands and should be a rocking time. It is a Thursday. Say "Shin sent me", or some equivalent, to get the prior sale price and not the day of price.

スランキーサイド / The Subterraneans / SUPER BUD'S / brag-flashlamp
Sin(Bee Bar)

More info at


St. Paddy's Day Party! Lá Fhéile Pádraig Sona Duit!

2011/03/17 - 17:00
2011/03/19 - 03:00
Event Information:

The good folks down at The Red Lion know us foreign kids love to party... So are offering some great deals to help celebrate St Patrick's Day.

Come and enjoy happy hour prices all night long...

ALL Beer 500円 (Yes, they have Guinness, Kilkenny, Heineken and Bass on tap!)

Jameson Irish Whiskey 500円

Baileys 500円

They also do Fish & Chips。。and lots of other awesome food Eeeeeeeeee!

THURSDAY 17th - Pop in for a pint or two on a school night. Or take the Friday off and party like the Irish do..

FRIDAY- ALTs come green, drink and party for Paddy!


These prices apply on St Paddy's Day (17th), and for Friday night.

There are lots of cheap hotels near by so if your up for a big night its e-a-s-y! As always if your driving be responsible...

See you there!

Event Location:


住所: 〒370-0053 群馬県高崎市通町33-2 Nビルディング1F-C

アクセス: JR高崎駅 西口 徒歩2分 

電話: 027-325-1405

Event Directions:

The Red Lion is about 300m from Takasaki Station (West Exit) and can be stumbled upon if you take a left at the first lights. Or google map it:

It's a little red pub, so you can't miss it!!

English Tour of Tomioka Silk Mill (followed by white tiger hunting trip to Gunma Safari Park!)

2011/03/13 - 11:30
Event Information:

The Tomioka Silk Mill, built in 1872, was the heart of the Meiji Era silk manufacturing and exporting world. Silk, at the time, was Japan's main export and it helped finance the Meiji Restoration and modernization of Japan.

The mill stopped production in 1987, however, it is still a major piece of Gunma and Japan's history as the center of the Meiji Era's silk road.

You can read more about the City of Tomioka's efforts to achieve World Heritage status since 2007:

So, my friend Hiroyuki Kosuda happens to be the only English tour guide at the Silk Mill and offered to lead a tour of Gunma's cool English teachers. So Let's Enjoying!

Let's meet at 11:30am at the northern side of the complex, at the entrance (in case you don't know, its the side that faces the road and is the complete opposite the side of the south side that faces the river).

The tour itself is 500 yen and afterwards, if you so choose, I would like to take a group of people to the Gunma Safari Park!

360,000 sq meters of free-roaming animals such as Elephants, graffes, buffalo, lions, leopards, orangutans, goats, sheep, llamas, and the rare white tiger (the reason that your kids already know what 'shiro' and 'tora' mean in English). They also have roller coasters and some rides, I'm not sure if they're just for kiddies, but I would think not.

The Gunma Safari Park is 2600 yen for adults but its only 1820 yen if we get more than 15 people. The park closes at 4:30 and the last safari bus is at 3:30. You can either drive your own car through the park (in which case one car has to pay 1400 yen collectively to enter) or you can ride the Safari Bus (500 yen each person) or the animal-shaped bus (1300 yen per person). Whichever choice you fancy.

Event Location:
Event Directions:

Tomioka Silk Mill
〒370-2316 群馬県富岡市富岡1-1

By Train or car:
This link will tell you how to come from many directions.

However, be careful if you take the train because The Joshin Dentetsu platform is not located with the other trains at Takasaki Station (you must leave the main train platform area and walk outside towards the west exit, then you will see the stairway!

Take the Joshin Dentetsu to 上州富岡駅 Joshutomioka Station.
Leave the station and head south, you will see many maps and signs pointing you.

Here is the google map of the Silk Mill:

To get to the Gunma Safari Park, we will have to carpool or take taxis. If you can, please drive to the Silk Mill (it will be cheaper too)
〒370-2321 群馬県富岡市岡本1番地

Event Contact Information:
Event Latitude:
Event Longitude:

Special Needs Class in Maebashi

2011/02/19 - 10:00
2011/02/19 - 11:30
Event Information:

Very late info this is, but I just couldn't be bothered to get it out sooner. I will do a more detailed overview next month.

The special needs class is this weekend, on the 19th.

If you want to come, it is fun. I will be at Maebashi station at 10am wearing a blue winter hat. The class goes from 10:30am to 11:30am.

Contact me if you have questions and/or want to come. Or, just show up at the station and get my attention.


Got Japanese skills? Want to volunteer in Okinawa?

Ishigaki triathalon is looking for a few good men and women to volunteer as interpreters in April during this big event. Below is an e-mail from the CIR in charge of the event:

Maebashi Kawaraban Teaser Trailer for March.

I once knew a guy that could not only recognize the sound of go being played, but was also able to figure out whether the players were skillful. How cool is that?
P.S.: this is not spam, but do as you please (pun intended).

Better to innovate global eyeballs later than never

Passport Activity Inquiry

Hey everybody,

My Japanese Coach Nintendo DS

My friend wants to buy that My Japanese Coach game for nintendo dsi. Does anyone have it or know where he can get it in Japan? Or any recommendations for ds games to learn japanese at beginner level?


Relax in Minakami with AOL Part 1 course

2011/03/11 - 20:00
2011/03/13 - 10:00
Event Information:

Hey guys,

This is David Shaw. Another ALT, Babeeta Chhabra, is helping to host an international educational conference in Minakami called MEDUCON ( At the same time, there is going to be an Part 1 Art of Living course at Sarugakyo Hotel.

Art of Living is basically an NGO group that teaches yoga and meditation and does community service projects around the world. I took an intro course about 5 months ago. I did some breathing exercises and had some fun with a small group of people. I didn’t think much about it, but I did the daily exercises for about a month, and noticed a lot of changes.

I think the course is a really awesome, valuable and unique experience. It can and will improve your relationships with coworkers, personal relationships, and give you more mental clarity. For me personally, I feel a lot more positive, have more energy, and can concentrate on few or many things a lot better.

The event is on March 11-13 (Friday night, Saturday morning, Sunday morning). The classes are short (you’re basically learning the exercises and doing some group activities). The educational conference “MEDUCON” is taking place in the afternoon with worldwide speakers, so you can attend those lectures if you want to at no extra cost.

The hotel is Sarugakyo Hotel. It’s one of Gunma’s oldest and most prestigious roykans. It has its own onsen, karaoke rooms, and different table games (like table tennis, etc.). It’s an excellent location to hold an event like this. Food is provided for the course, and you’ll eat some excellent Indian and Japanese food (the hotel has an excellent kitchen and the hotel’s hostess has written Japanese cookbooks and does traditional storytelling every night). We’re also planning some events for the Saturday afternoon and evening that I’ll update in the next week.

The whole package of Part 1, conference, including use of Onsen, food and extracurricular activities costs 35,000 yen.

This is a great chance to experience something different from the usual type of JET event. If you’ve never thought about meditation, yoga, or the more spiritual side of things, this is an excellent chance to get an introduction without baggage of dogma or proselytizing. In this intro course, you really get a lot of the wheat from eastern spiritual practices without a lot of the chaff. Plus, it will be fun!

So, if you’ve read this far and you do have SOME interest in yoga, meditation, or eastern spiritual practices, I highly recommend you sign up for this course. You can learn more, and it will greatly benefit your life if you keep up with the practices. There’s not a lot of time, and this type of class, in this environment, with the type of teachers being present doesn’t happen every day. Take advantage of this opportunity if you’re interested.

For more information and to register contact me at :

David :)


A speaker from India, who has been responsible for establishing 100 educational institutes throughout India and travels worldwide to give educational seminars to teachers and parents is coming to Japan for the MEDUCON event and is touring Japan to give the “Stress Free Teaching” workshop for teachers and the “ Know Your Child/Teen” workshop for parents. He will be in Gunma on March 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th so if you’re interested in knowing more about the possibility of hosting this workshop at your school, please write to before February 8th.

Cheers !


Event Location:

Sarugakyo Hotel, Minakami

Event Contact Information:

Maebashi Newsletter for Foreigners February Ed

On how Tiger Mask will protect us from the flu.

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