Gunma Observatory: Viewing Canopus equals Longevity だって.

2011/02/26 - 19:00
2011/02/27 - 20:30
Event Information:

Star light, star bright, 2nd brightest star I see tonight...
Canopus is 2nd only to Sirius, but is the the brightest star in the southern constellation of Carina and Argo Navis (thanks, wiki!).

An event for star-gazers, astronomy enthusiasts and those wanting to live forever.
It has been said that looking at Canopus can extend one's life, therefore, in attempt at longevity, Gunma Observatory is holding a 2-day Canopus viewing event.
300 yen to enter observatory. The 27th event is combined with a star festival held at the observatory.

Event Location:

Gunma Astronomical Observatory

Event Directions:

Dance Dance Dance Revolution: It's a Maebashi/Takasaki Thing!

2011/02/20 - 14:30
2011/02/20 - 18:30
Event Information:

A Maebashi/Takasaki City Collaboration!
Held for the 2nd year in a row, the Maebashi Citizen's Dance Contest features dancers and dance teams of all ages competing against each other for the top prize. Sunday's event is an exhibition of the top 10 teams of each of the two categories: Activity (Aerobics, Cheerleading, Contemporary, etc.) and Street (Hiphop, Breaking, Hopping, Locking, House, Freestyle, etc.)

Guest judges include former pro-wrestler Kikuchi, Paulo Santos, Midori Watanabe, Charis Makantaro, S.A.S. members, Akihiro and Yoshio.

FREE admission!

more info:

Event Location:

Beisia Culture Hall Maebashi

Takehiko Okamoto: Yokosuka, New York, Takasaki

2011/01/22 - 00:00
2011/03/21 - 23:59
Event Information:

Gunma Museum of Modern Art exhibition of the works of Takihiko Okamoto. Born in 1934 in Yokosuka, Okamoto began studying art in high school, eventually graduating from Tama Art University.
His contemporaries include, Jasper Johns, Frank Stella and Shusaku Arakawa. Okamoto's art extends from shaped canvases to colorful outdoor installations.
His career spans over 50 years and multiple geographic locations.
Exhibition is 300 yen for adults, open from 9:30~17:00 (closed on Mondays).

Event Directions:

Kusatsu Onsen Thanks! Campaign Events for February

Showa-mura Winter Festival

2011/02/12 - 16:00
2011/02/12 - 20:00
Event Information:

Fun and games for everyone!
LIVE music performances (taiko and more), BINGO competition, slipper toss, mochi-tsuki, snow mobile-tubing, festival food and fireworks!
Come out and enjoy the winter fun!
*Fireworks display: 19:00~19:40.

To see pics from last year's event:

Kita-Karuizawa FIRE Festival

2011/02/12 - 16:28
2011/02/12 - 19:00
Event Information:

A beautiful event to light up a cold, winter's night.
This event begins in the traditional fashion, with a short religious ceremony.
Soon to follow is the lighting of 4,000 candles, creating a warm glow throughout the square. A dramatic taiko performance paves the way for the finale, the fireworks display!
Those worried about the cold, never fear, delicious soup will be available for purchase.

Event Location:

Kita-Karuizawa Square

Akagi Mountain Snow Festival

2011/02/11 - 00:00
Event Information:

A day for the whole family to enjoy!!!
"Snolympics in Akagi" and "Japanese pond smelt Ice Fishing Competition" are the main events.
Unless you're junior high and younger, the majority of the events are off limits, however, the Ice Fishing and Snowy Ground Golf are for all ages!
Ice fishing: 9~11am, 1000 yen entry fee plus additional costs for tools. (limited to 300 people)
Ground Golf: 11~15:00 (with 1 hour break for lunch 12~1). (limited to 200 people)

Other events include: snowman competition, bread eating contest and snowy treasure hunt.

Event Directions:


2011/02/05 - 00:00
2011/02/06 - 16:00
Event Information:

Unfortunately, registration has since passed and teams have already been decided, but it is still possible to watch the teams in action as they take to the battlefield for 2 days of epic snowball fights!

Saturday is the children and ladies brackets while Sunday is the mixed bracket. The snow will fly! Competition is fierce! Come and see what it is all about and start training for next year!
For more photos:

Event Location:

KitaKaruizawa Square

Event Directions:

Snow and Onsen Festival

2011/02/05 - 10:00
2011/02/05 - 21:00
Event Information:

Playing in the snow plus soaking in the onsen go hand and hand.
At the Snow and Onsen Festival at Kazawa Snow Area, one can do just that...and more!
Build an award-winning snowman with your friends or family. Enjoy the beautiful illumination and candle displays (over 3000 candles and 60,000 lights). Soak your feet in the foot bath. Go night skiing/boarding (Free lift tickets available, restrictions may apply). Win great prizes in the raffle. Run in the coldest footrace in Japan (-15 C) or join the Alpine Kazawa Team Relay.
Fun and games for any age. Bundle up and enjoy!

Event Directions:

Setsubun: Casting out the devil with beans!

Setsubun 節分 quite literally means "separation between seasons," but in Japan it has come to be associated with February 3rd, the end of winter--February 4th marks the beginning of spring (this year, 2011, Setsubun falls exactly on the Lunar New Year). On the evening of February 3rd, it is time for "spring cleaning," driving out the bad while bringing in the good. How?

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