415-Glad to be alive benifit dance party!

2011/04/15 - 08:00
2011/04/16 - 02:00
Event Information:

I for one am glad to have survived the past month of earthquakes aftershocks, gas and food shortages and rationings, so we want to party down and drink some beers and raise money for the Japanese Red Cross Society. Admission is by donation and all drinks are 500 yen. There will be free pool and 100 yen darts! Nice. Come and join us and have fun. A Freestyle Production!

Event Location:

The Pool bar in Maebashi.

Event Directions:

Along the Hirose River in central Maebashi. The cherry trees should be blooming too!

Event Contact Information:

Patrick 090 9958 0962

Tohoku Earthquake Relief Supplies Donation Drive

2011/03/23 - 00:30
2011/04/03 - 18:00
Event Information:

Tohoku Earthquake Relief Supply Collection from Gunma Citizens

In Gunma Prefecture in order to provide necessary support to the areas affected by the Tohoku Earthquake, relief supplies from Gunma citizens are being collected.
Citizens of Gunma, we ask for your whole-hearted support and cooperation.
For information regarding the large amount of relief supplies coming from other organizations, please contact the Crisis Management Department (TEL: 027-226-2258)

Supplies Needed:
1. Non-perishable foods (cup noodles, instant ramen, microwaveable rice, etc.)
2. Powdered milk・baby bottles
3. Disposable diapers (baby, adult)
4. Feminine Hygiene Products
5. Disposable kairo (pocket warmers)
6. Blankets・Clothing (new and/or newly cleaned<--MUST be cleaned)
7. Underwear (New only)
8. Bottled Water (500mL, 1L, 2L)

※Please refrain from including any perishable items and items with expiration dates within 1 month.
※For easy shipping, please collect and organize items in some way, ideally in a cardboard box, and list items neatly and using large letters so that the list can be read clearly from the outside of the package
※The list of relief supplies is based upon the need of those in the affected areas and can be updated at any time.
※ Donations are not accepted by post.
Drop Off Location Hours of Operation
  08:30-18:00 (everyday)
Donation Period
  Friday, March 18, 2011 until enough supplies are collected.

Event Location:

club FLEEZ & Rudy presents 『FRuit』vol.4

2011/02/24 - 19:00
2011/02/24 - 19:45
Event Information:

I did not organize this event but there are four good bands and should be a rocking time. It is a Thursday. Say "Shin sent me", or some equivalent, to get the prior sale price and not the day of price.

スランキーサイド / The Subterraneans / SUPER BUD'S / brag-flashlamp
Sin(Bee Bar)

More info at


St. Paddy's Day Party! Lá Fhéile Pádraig Sona Duit!

2011/03/17 - 17:00
2011/03/19 - 03:00
Event Information:

The good folks down at The Red Lion know us foreign kids love to party... So are offering some great deals to help celebrate St Patrick's Day.

Come and enjoy happy hour prices all night long...

ALL Beer 500円 (Yes, they have Guinness, Kilkenny, Heineken and Bass on tap!)

Jameson Irish Whiskey 500円

Baileys 500円

They also do Fish & Chips。。and lots of other awesome food Eeeeeeeeee!

THURSDAY 17th - Pop in for a pint or two on a school night. Or take the Friday off and party like the Irish do..

FRIDAY- ALTs come green, drink and party for Paddy!


These prices apply on St Paddy's Day (17th), and for Friday night.

There are lots of cheap hotels near by so if your up for a big night its e-a-s-y! As always if your driving be responsible...

See you there!

Event Location:


住所: 〒370-0053 群馬県高崎市通町33-2 Nビルディング1F-C

アクセス: JR高崎駅 西口 徒歩2分 

電話: 027-325-1405

Event Directions:

The Red Lion is about 300m from Takasaki Station (West Exit) and can be stumbled upon if you take a left at the first lights. Or google map it:

It's a little red pub, so you can't miss it!!

Kiryu International Exchange Association Skating Party

2011/01/15 - 17:30
2011/01/15 - 19:30
Event Information:

Kiryu International Exchange Association (KIEA) is holding their skating party next week at the Kiryu Skate Center. KIEA has rented the entire rink and their special event is open to anyone who would care to join.
For more info and map:

Event Location:

Kiryu Skate Center

Event Contact Information:

KIEA:0277-46-1111 EXT. 537 FAX 0277-43-1001

A Total Eclipse of the...Moon!

2010/12/21 - 15:32
2010/12/21 - 19:01
Event Information:

For the first time in 3 years, we will be able to view a total lunar eclipse. The eclipse can be viewed with the naked eye, binoculars, telescopes, etc. Those who want a closer look, Gunma Observatory is the perfect place and will be holding an eclipse watching gathering.
Bundle up and enjoy this ::cue music:: "Total Eclipse of the!"

(times are in U.S. Eastern Standard)

Event Location:

wherever you are OR at Gunma Observatory

Event Directions:

Photography Exhibition at Gunma's MoMA

2010/12/10 - 00:00
2010/12/19 - 23:59
Event Information:

The Gunma Museum of Modern Art is proud to present photography exhibitions by Miyako Ishiuchi "Mother's" "上州の風にのって" as well as a collection of modern-day photographs by Yuki Onodera and Atsuhito Otake (specializes in using pin-hole cameras and printing photographs inside glass spheres).
Admission is 300 yen.

Event Location:

Gunma Museum of Modern Art

Event Directions:

Latvian National Symphony Orchestra visits Takasaki

2010/12/10 - 19:00
2010/12/10 - 21:00
Event Information:

Come see the Latvian National Symphony Orchestra, conducted by famed conductor, Tomomi Nishitomo, in collaboration with world-renowned Latvian cellist, Mischa Maisky, as they perform works by Dvorak and more.
Tickets start at 5,000 yen.

Event Location:

Gunma Music Center

Event Directions:

Walk straight towards City Hall from Takasaki Station West Exit

Event Contact Information:


20th Maebashi International Party

2010/12/12 - 14:00
2010/12/12 - 16:00
Event Information:

December 12 (Sun)
PM 2:00~PM 4:00

Maebashi Plaza Genki 21. 1st Floor Hall
Honmachi 2-12-1

800 Yen (Elementary school students or older)
Tickets are also available at our office

Dances and songs from several countries

Food samples from many countries: Brazil, Korea, China, Italy, Vietnam, Philippines, Japan and more

Folk dances from Thailand and Philippines, games, auction, lottery, a fashion show featuring traditional clothes from 20 countries, and much more!

Please come wearing traditional clothes if you have them!

Parking space is limited. Use of public transportation is encouraged.
Maebashi International Association
TEL/FAX: 027-243-7788

GAJET Thanksgiving Dinner (Nov. 1st Sign-Up Deadline!)

2010/11/30 - 17:30
2010/11/30 - 20:00
Event Information:

DEADLINE TO SIGN-UP IS TOMORROW, NOVEMBER 1ST! (I apologize for not putting this up on this website earlier, but it's been on FB for a while. So make sure you join the "Gunma ALTs" FB page!)

For those of you from the northern half of the American Continent: It's Thanksgiving time! Yes, it's time to celebrate by eating Turkey with your friends and neighbours from different countries.

So come to G-FACE! Celebrations are on the same day as our midyear seminar so hopefully we'll all already be in Maebashi.

Cost: 3,500 yen

Menu: Turkey, salad, vegetables (corn, mushrooms, carrots, green peas, etc), dessert (pumpkin pie and bread pudding?)

Alcohol - We are allowed to bring 500ml of alcolholic beverages. (This is because we are on govment property and we are encouraged not to get wasted.) So 2 bottles of wine between 3 people would be about right.

We need to confirm with G-FACE the exact number of people in advance so the closing date for signing up to this event will be MONDAY, NOVEMBER 1ST. I think the maximum number will probably be around 50 people.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are on the "Attending" list come November 1st, please know that means that you're committed to attending and paying for the event.

Sign-Up over at FB!!/event.php?eid=164113423607921

Event Location:

G-Face Cafe (Next to Kenchou) in Maebashi

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