Rhombus LIVE!

2009/06/18 - 20:00
2009/06/19 - 04:00
Event Information:

One of New Zealand's top bands, Rhombus, is doing a 1 week tour of Japan and will be playing at Canyons in Minakami(Gunma) on Thursday June 18th!

Entrance: 1000yen
Start 20:00

Support DJ's: KOA (NZ), H(NZ), Spud (Ireland)
Genre: Reggae, Dub, Breaks, D&B, Mash-up, Electro....

Come and hang out with the Minakami rafting crew!

Event Location:
Event Contact Information:


GAJET Charity Coin Drive

2009/06/12 - 00:00
2009/06/12 - 23:59
Event Information:

Have spare change? All you departing JETs, you know you have a bucket in your house filled with 1 and 5 yen coins. Bring them to the Summer Conference on Friday and dump them in the GAJET bucket! Like last year we're supporting Akai Hane, a Gunma local branch of a larger national charity that helps out needy kids in our school systems. Last year we were able to raise more than 30,000 yen thanks to all of your generosity. Let's kick it up a notch higher this year!

Your donations will go to help:

- Improvement of children's playground tools such as swings and slides.
- Opening welfare libraries at elementary schools and junior high schools.
- Improvement of toy libraries.
- Support for children refusing to attend school.
- Shelter for teenage girls, “Center for pregnancy risk in the adolescence”.
- Support for activities at welfare cooperation schools.

GAJET Farewell Beer Garden

2009/06/27 - 17:00
2009/06/27 - 21:00
Event Information:

It's that bittersweet time of year. As summer draws near, chasing the rain clouds away, it becomes time to say goodbye to some of our friends (bravely returning home/elsewhere to face the recession in all it's glory.)
What better way to say goodbye than at GAJET's Farewell Beer Garden?!
Eat, drink, talk, vote (in our superlative contest. who will win "cutest JET" this year?) and be merry.

WHO: you, and you and you
WHAT: GAJET Farewell Beer Garden
WHERE: Takashimaya's Rooftop Beer Garden (unless otherwise indicated), Takasaki
WHEN: Saturday, June 27, 5~9pm
WHY: What better way to send our friends out in style!
HOW MUCH: 2800 yen (men) 2400 yen (women)

Rain Date: July 4th, 5~9pm
In case of rain, the beer garden will close. The rain date will be Saturday, July 4th, 5~7pm.

Event Location:

Takashimaya Department Store's Rooftop Beer Garden, Takasaki

Event Directions:

West exit of Takasaki station. Head north toward Tower Records. Takashimaya is on the left, just before Tower Records.

GAJET Elections - Vote Now!

2009/04/12 - 20:20
2009/05/12 - 20:20
Event Information:

It's time to vote! The nominees are:

President: Brooke Brown, Betsy Gottesman, Simon Creane
Vice President: Brian Kennedy, Carol Colina
Secretary: Helen Auer, Carol Colina, Brian Kennedy, Leanne Costa, Simon Creane
Treasurer: Leanne Costa, Brian Kennedy, Helen Auer
Gunmania Editor: Nayalan Moodley, Maria Perez
Webmaster: still awaiting nominations (Bueller? Bueller?)

Region Reps:
Chubu: Laurel Swift
Tone: Cynthia Leon
Tobu: Peter Cowley, Simon Creane
Seibu: Derrick Strubel
Agatsuma: Nayalan Moodley

You'll notice there's a number of people nominated for multiple positions. I would suggest you pick which job you think they would be best for and vote for them for that, rather than just voting down the line. A big and diverse council is much better than a council of one. But, democracy must have its way - so send your votes in to me: gajet.admin [at] where they will be tallied. Results will be announced next month!

(I'm not running, so I'm the independent 3rd party. Don't worry, your secret votes are safe with me)


2009/04/12 - 12:00
2009/04/12 - 20:00
Event Information:

Numata Kouen on Sunday 12th of April.
Start time 12:00pm
Finish time 8pm.

Enjoy the beautiful cherry blossom (hopefully) by coming to
our Hanami BBQ. The event will be held in the beautiful Numata Park, which
is a favourite venue for Hanami, because once the sun sets, the many paper
lanterns light the park and bring an extra dimension to enjoying the cherry
blossom. Please co-ordinate with your region-rep so that each group brings
their own BBQ, charcoal, food and drink. Feel free to invite other friends, the
opportunity to meet new people makes Hanami even more exciting.

GAJET Elections!

2009/03/20 - 00:00
2009/03/31 - 23:59
Event Information:

It has come round to that time of year again for Gunma to choose it's new GAJET council, that will serve for 2009/2010. This is an annual, democratic event, which takes place in several stages:

1st - GAJET has an open call for candidates. (that's now until the end of March)
2nd - GAJET has a one month period where you can email to vote for which candidate you'd like to occupy each position (April 12th until May 11th)
3rd - GAJET announces the new council several days later.

So, to begin - if you want to be a council member, the only obvious requirement is that you are recontracting. Beyond that, each position requires a differing set of skills. In order to nominate yourself for candidacy, you need to email gajetpres AT, stating which position you would like stand for.

Possible positions on the GAJET council are:

- President
- Vice President
- Secretary
- Treasurer
- Gunmania Editor
- Webmaster
- Regional representatives, of which there are 5:
1. Chubu Region: Maebashi,Yoshioka, Ikaho, Tamamura, Fujimi, Miyagi, Kasukawa, Ogo, Akabori, Sakai, Takasaki.
2. Tone Region: Minakami, Katashina, Numata, Showa, Kawaba.
3. Tobu Region: Azuma, Kurohone, Omama, Nissato, Tatabayashi, Kiryu, Ota, Kasakake, Yabuzukahonmachi, Nitta, Ojima, Oizumi, Oura, Chiyoda, Meiwa, Akagi, Itakura, Isesaki.
4. Seibu Region: Fujioka, Kanna, Ueno, Yoshii, Tomioka, Shimonita, Haruna, Kurabuchi, Shinmachi, Gunmamachi, Misato, Nanmoku, Matsuida, Annaka, Shimonita, Myogi, Nakazato, Manba.
5. Agatsuma Region: Higashiagatsuma, Kuni, Kusatsu, Naganohara, Nakanojo, Takayama, Tsumagoi, Agatsuma, Onogami, Komochi, Kitatachibana, Ikaho, Shinto, Yoshioka, Shibukawa.

The basic idea of each job is largely explained by the name, but detailed position descriptions are attached.

Please note that GAJET will NOT accept candidacy applications through any other means but email. The elections can involve a large volume of messages back and forth so it's necessary to have them all in one place.

Saint Patrick's Day at Dickens

2009/03/19 - 18:00
2009/03/20 - 00:00
Event Information:

Saint Patrick's Day will be celebrated on Thursday March 19 (March 20 is a national holiday)at Dickens (english pub in center Maebashi,Chiyoda machi) like every year. Irish alcohol (beer,whiskey..) will be sold at 500 yen (normally a pint of beer is 900 yen).If you don't know the place (how can it be?!),ask some gaijin and they will tell you where it is.
Looking forward to meeting you there!

Vote! Vote! Vote!

2009/03/09 - 00:00
2009/03/12 - 23:59
Event Information:

Online Elections for the new National AJET Council are going on from now until Thursday, March 12, 2009.

In order to vote, got to You’ll need your JET Number, a longish number that starts with the year you joined the program.

Can’t find your JET number? Here are some places to look:

• On the CLAIR Japanese Language Course Materials
• On an old name tag from a JET conference
• In your JET Diary (maybe you wrote it down?)
• On your Re-contracting JET Participant Contact Information and Confirmation Sheet (only 2nd years and higher would have this though)

If you still can’t find it, then you can email your PA or ask your supervisor.

Why should you vote?

Well, for starters, both candidates for NAJET Chair are from our very own Block 3. The position of NAJET Chair is very important and I encourage you to read both candidates’ platforms before making your selection. The NAJET Chair is the chief representative of AJET in Japan — And with just a little click of your mouse, you have the power to choose who that will be. So go ahead, find your JET number and go to

Make today the day that you use your finger for something good.

Your soon-to-be-dethroned NAJET Representative,
Tonya Kneff

National AJET Council, 2008-2009
Block 3 Representative -
Publications Liaison -

AJET Peer Support Group, an anonymous listening and referral service
Open 8pm to 7am, 365 nights a year
Tel: 0120-437-725

Event Location:

At yo' house, everywhere, JAPAN

Snow Splash Minakami

2009/02/21 - 18:00
2009/02/22 - 00:00
Event Information:


More live music than you can shake a snowboard at....

17:00 Doors Open
18:00 Snow Splash DJs
19:30 Todd Wilkes (Samurai High) kicks off Snow Splash
Osamu Okubo
Tex & the Sun Flower Seed
Volgrooma (with special guest Abdou Bayefall)

Snow Splash DJs spinning between all sets!

29:30 The curtain closes on another Snow Splash in Minakami
Get a few hours sleep and then hit the mountain!


Hosted by DJ Muthafunka. Featuring Todd Wilkes, Abdou Bayefall, EKD, Osamu Okubo and accoustic sets by Volgrooma and other special guests!
...and a skateboard demo with pro riders!


...surprise entertainment!

Event Location:

Canyons Alpine Lodge - Minakami

Event Contact Information:


GAJET Monkey Onsen Trip! - DRIVER NEEDED!

2009/03/07 - 00:00
2009/03/07 - 23:59
Event Information:

Want to go see monkeys tomorrow? Have a car? We need one more driver! It's not too late!
Don't you love cute monkeys? Don't you love it when cute monkeys do things like people do?
C'mon. Admit it. You know you do.

Good, now that you've admitted it you should sign up for this sweet trip to world famous Jigokudani Monkey Park in Nagano Prefecture. There you can see monkeys bathing in their own private onsen, playing around in the snow, and in general being cute and delightful. - check out the live monkey cam!

Monkey appetite satiated, the caravan will head down in to Nagano city to see the famous Zenkoji temple. Many of your schools probably have class trips out to it - that's how big of a deal it is! Temple appetite satiated, the caravan will return safely home.

To keep costs down, this will be a driving event - which means we need drivers! If you want to go and have a car, speak up as soon as possible! If we don't have drivers, we can't go! (or at least we can't go for cheap) Don't worry, it's not hard to get to and the roads aren't dangerous. It's just a bit up the expressway into Nagano.

Unfortunately, due to the nature of the trip, it'll be cost variable as well. Expect around 10,000 (but probably less) for the whole day out - this will include meals, admission to the park, plus gas, tolls, and the all important omiyage. Depending on how full your car load is and how cheap you are, you might be able to spend half that.

Trip Details:
Things to bring: warm clothing (the onsen is in the mountains, there's going to be snow), shoes that you don't care much about (they're probably going to get dirty...hiking boots may be more ideal, but if you don't have any or don't feel like wearing them, I have it on good authority that trainers/running shoes will suffice [Lyle has worn sandals there - not recommended]), camera, cash, snacks (for you NOT for the monkeys!)

Don't bring: anything in a plastic bag. The monkeys love them and will just tear them out of your hands, or at least tear the bag through and dump all its contents on the ground.

Meet at Takasaki station at 7:30a on March 7th.

Please e-mail gajet.admin[at] if you'd like to come along and we'll organize car pools. Drivers! Please, please, please!

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