17th Annual All Japan Kokeshi Exhibition in Shibukawa

2010/10/29 - 10:00
2010/11/04 - 16:00
Event Information:

Come and see some of Japan's most beautiful and creative kokeshi on display.
Kokeshi artists work all year long to create these award-winning dolls.

Kokeshi are also available for purchase. My, what a lovely Christmas present that would make! ;)

Event Location:

Shibukawa Citizens' Hall

Event Directions:

Debaucherous Halloween party

2010/10/30 - 00:30
2010/10/31 - 00:30
Event Information:

That time of the year again......Possibly THE best and most fun event on the JET calendar.

Cost - 2000 Yen with flyer (to be posted in next few days) or 2500 on the door.... Both options include 1 drink

Suzzy's Bar in Takasaki (Takasakitonyamachi) (Take the Tonya exit out of the station, go straight down the street (pass the ramen restaurant at the big intersection) until you come to a Jomo gas station (under contruction) on the left corner. Turn right, Suzzy's is atop the bar with the neon pink lighting.)

Costumes are an essential part of this event. Get creative, get crazy.... Leanne's and John Doembuck"s costumes from last year will take something special to beat.

This venue is not huge and gets packed easily.. Please RSVP so we can have an idea of whatto expect.... thanks..

Here's the link to the facebook event page.


Event Location:

Suzi's bar in TakasakiTonyamachi

Event Directions:

Follow the balloons from Takasaki tonyamachi station.

Transmission Ends, WEAPONOFCHOICE, Tracer Round- Feel it in your bones! Live @ The Pool Hall in Maebashi

2010/09/22 - 20:00
2010/09/22 - 23:00
Event Information:

Hey it's respect for the aged week and Patrick's birthday at the same time so we are having an event for those with birthdays this month and also for those that will be leaving us soon. Come on out on a week night and party so hard you can feel it in your bones!

The show is a Wednesday night and Thursday 9/23 is a holiday! No excuses! See you there.

Event Location:

The Pool Hall in Maebashi

Express your love for your wife in the middle of a cabbage field!

2010/09/12 - 11:00
2010/09/12 - 13:00
Event Information:

キャベチュー!!! ("Kyabe-chu")
Come to Tsumagoi Village and watch (or participate) as 100 men shout their love for their wives whilst standing in a cabbage field over- looking Mt. Asama.

Other attractions include a "Kyabe-chu" wedding, a 1-day vegetable shop, "Kyabe-chu" stew, and more!

For more info:

Event Contact Information:

Mr. Muneyuki KUBO, Tsumagoi Villege Office
Tel. 0279-96-1515 (Telephone reception is Japanese only)

2010 Maebashi Gunma Kenmin Marathon

2010/11/03 - 08:00
2010/11/03 - 14:00
Event Information:

The Gunma Kenmin Marathon is a fun annnual race. A lot of people are there, and it happens when Gunma cools down. It's probably the last good race of the year until February and March when marathon season starts again. You can see the streetside around Maebashi and Takasakitonyamachi, and meet runners from all over Japan!

The main race is a half marathon, but there's also a 10k and a Riverside 4.6k race. So you can just use it if you want to do some exercise or have bigger aims.

You can register from now until 9/30. I like to use a website called, though it can be confusing to register on the website. I put a guide up here. (

You can also call or send in an entry in the mail.

If you're new to Gunma and interested in running or exercise, this is a great way to be introduced. The course isn't weird or screwy like some of the other races here. The temperature also isn't too cold or hot, either.

Event Location:

Maebashi Green Dome.
Registration starts from 7:00 - 8:00. Half marathon race starts at 9:00. for detailed info.

Event Directions:

You can take a bus from Maebashi station that takes you to the Green Dome. Also check out the Google Maps for it...

Memorial for Alan Buckley

2010/08/28 - 14:00
2010/08/28 - 18:00
Event Information:

For those who would like to pay their respects to Alan and share stories/memories you have of him, there will be a memorial on Mt. Miyogi (Alan loved Miyogi).

Saturday, August 28th, 2010
From 14:00~
Meet in the parking lot at the base of Mt. Miyogi and hike to the 1st 石門 (Ishimon).
Find this guy and you'll be fine:

Together, listen to Alan's music while sharing stories and memories.

Those traveling by train and want to be picked up (there is a taxi option as well), please take the Joshin dentetsu line to its end and get off at Shimonita station.
Please contact Chuck Clenney chuck.clenney[at] for pick up from the station.

Please bring any pictures or letters that you would like to share.

Event Location:

Mt. Miyogi, 1st Ishimon

Event Directions:

By train (from Takasaki高崎): take the JR Shinetsu Line (信越線) for Yokokawa (横川)to Matsuida (松井田). Then take a 10 minute cab to Miyogi Shrine (妙義神社).
If you would like Chuck to pick you up: Take the Joshin Dentestu (上信電鉄)to Shimonita (下仁田) the end of the line.
By car:
Take the Joshin-etsu (上信越) expressway to the Matsuida-Miyogi IC(松井田妙義). Drive 2 km to Miyogi Shrine and park in lot at the base of the mountain.,139.086914&sspn=1.626917,2.463684&brcurrent=3,0x601e86d56a893905:0xef9f5c3eb31470d2,1&ie=UTF8&ll=36.334488,138.8871&spn=0.203279,0.307961&z=12

Event Contact Information:

for more info, contact brown-b[@] OR chuck.clenney[@]

An Irish Wake for Alan Buckley

2010/08/28 - 20:00
2010/08/28 - 22:00
Event Information:

Patrick Lane, the owner of Freestyle Bar & Cafe, is hosting "an Irish wake" to celebrate Alan's life.

"Come join us to celebrate the life of Alan Buckley. His short time on this earth is proof of what a good guy he was. Let's raise a glass or two, tell some stories, say a word or sing a song to thank Alan for sharing his life with us." ~Patrick Lane

Event Location:

The Pool Bar
1-1-11 Joto-machi
Maebashi, Japan

Welcome Beer Garden

2010/08/27 - 17:00
2010/08/27 - 21:00
Event Information:

Beer Garden to welcome the New JETs!

Come one and come all to have drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic), food, and get to know other JETs.

Women: 2,500 yen
Men: 2,900 yen

Please RSVP on Facebook:

Event Location:

Takashimaya Beer Garden
高崎市旭町45番地 (Takasaki-shi, Asahi-cho, 45-banchi)
Takasaki, Japan

Event Directions:

Exit Takasaki Station from 西口 (West Exit). If you exit from the ground level, cross the first rather narrow street you come across and then turn right. If you exit from the second level, then simply turn right. Go straight until you see a department store on your left that says 高島屋 (Takashiyama). Take the elevator to the rooftop level.

There will be people stationed to guide you in case you get lost.


New JET Welcome Karaoke Party

2010/08/10 - 21:00
2010/08/10 - 23:30
Event Information:

A karaoke party held for new JETs who have arrived this year in Gunma! Get to know your fellow JETs, sing your heart out, drink, or do all three! We hope you'll come out for it and have a smashing time with us.

Event Location:

QB Karaoke in Maebashi (群馬県前橋市千代田町3丁目11-6)

Event Directions:

We'll be leading participants from the hotel to karaoke.

Toga! Toga! Toga! Party!

2010/07/10 - 08:00
2010/07/11 - 04:00
Event Information:

This one is going to be legendary! Come on down to Freestyle Bar in your toga or yukata to get in! No costume! No entry! We will dance the night away and party like it's 27 BC! All drinks 500 yen! Free grapes!

Event Location:

Freestyle Bar 2-5-4 Honmachi Maebashi

Event Directions:

Across from the haci man shirne in central Maebashi.

Event Contact Information:

027 215 0962

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