19th Maebashi International Association’s International Party!

2009/12/13 - 12:00
2009/12/13 - 15:00
Event Information:

The party incudes now some of the attractions previously offered during international festival that the Gunma Tourism International Association used to organize in front of the Kencho until last year.

It's not the same, but there is going to be food, foreigners, performances, and the fantastic face painting corner (which will be much more fantastic if whoever has any experience with it would contact me offering their help)!

This awesome party will be held at the Maebashi Plaza Genki 21. 1st Floor Hall. The entrance is free.

The program includes:
Folk dances from Thailand and Philippines
Dances from Xinjiang
Spanish songs
Flamenco dancers
Auctions, lottery, and more.

Traditional clothes from many countries will be available for you to try at the unbelievable low price of 100 yen each.

Plus...lots of food:
Food tickets are only 100 yen each.
Ethnic booths will be offering food from Brazil, Thailand, China, Italy, Slovenia, Philippines, Spain, Argentina, Korea and Japan!

Print out the attached flyer and glue it to the windshield of your friend's cars, they'll thank you for it!


Yoga Retreat and Bollywood Night in Minakami

2009/12/04 - 20:00
2009/12/06 - 16:00
Event Information:

Canyons, a beautiful adventure resort, will be hosting a dynamic yoga retreat in Minakami this December ! It will feature a 10 hour Sri Sri Yoga workshop that includes specialised techniques in breathing, postures and meditation; enhancing your endurance, strength, flexibility but most importantly relieving your mind and body of any unwanted stresses!

The retreat will also include great Ayurvedic Cuisine and give you the opportunity to learn ways of eating healthily. As well, you will experience the luxury of a Minakami Onsen!

A special evening of Indo-Jazz fusion and Bollywood grooves is also part of the package.

See the links for more details ..

Don't miss the opportunity to rejuvinate the body, mind and spirit ! :)

Event Location:

CANYONS 45 Yubiso, Minakami-machi, Tone-gun, Gunma-ken, 379-1727 JAPAN.

Event Contact Information:

Global Cafe Special and Pot Luck Dinner

2009/12/10 - 18:30
2009/12/10 - 20:00
Event Information:

Would you like a chance to give a 10 minute presentation and meet many local Gunma residents?

ON December 10th Gunma Prefectural Women's University will
host the GLOBAL CAFÉ SPECIAL and Pot-Luck Party

Volunteer presenters will receive a ¥5000 thank-you.
(Presentation positions will be awarded on a first-come first-served basis.)

Global Café is a weekly English conversation group for people from around Gunma. Every Thursday from 6.30 - 7.45, Japanese people of a wide variety of ages and backgrounds gather at the Gunma Kencho in Maebashi to practice English, have some tea or coffee, and meet foreigners in a relaxed atmosphere.

Every few months, Global Cafe hosts an event –- the Café Special -- where people have the opportunity to give brief presentations. The suggested theme for this session's Global Café Special is Language and Culture, but don’t let that limit you. Past presenters have often been ALT's talking about their homes and cultures, experience in Japan, or anything that interests them. Topics have included: the history of blues music, Mongolian Throat Singing, Kosher cuisine, the controversy surrounding Dokuto island (claimed by both Japan and Korea), comparing life as a foreigner in Japan and China, life as an immigrant to the US, and traditional Samoan culture. Presentations should be no longer than 10 minutes, and the presenter will receive ¥5000 as thanks. Furthmore there is a pot-luck dinner afterwards where Japanese people bring home-made dishes and sweets. If you are interested contact:

Clark Quigley
at Gunma Prefectural Women's University at:

Global Cafe Special
December 10th (Thursday) 6.30-7.45
at the Gunma Kencho Showa Chosha Annex, 3rd floor.

Event Location:

Gunma Kencho Showa Chosha, 3rd floor.

Event Directions:

The Showa chosha is the 3 story building adjacent to the Kencho in Maebashi.

About a 15-20 minute walk from the station, leave Maebashi station and go north on the main street until you reach the intersection with the Maebashi Hotel on the northeast corner. Turn left, west, and continue for several blocks. You will pass the Genki 21 building, Kankodo bookstore, and Tonya coffee shop (you should be able to see the 30 story Kencho building by the time you reach Tonya).

Event Contact Information:

Clark Quigley
at Gunma Prefectural Women's University at:

Freestyle Thanksgiving Dinner

2009/11/21 - 07:00
2009/11/21 - 09:00
Event Information:

Come and enjoy turkey with all the trimmings and pie for dessert! All for the low price of 1000 yen per person. Dinner starts at seven with a toast of a free glass of wine! All other drinks 500 yen and no table charge!

Event Location:

Freestyle Bar 2-5-4 Honmachi Maebashi

Event Directions:

Look for us on google maps

Event Contact Information:

027 289 3715

Events in Tochigi

2009/11/06 - 22:42
Event Information:

Some upcoming events in Tochigi, contact Josh if your interested in joining...
Joshua Brown
ALT - PA - Tochigi AJET

2. Ashikaga Wine Festival.
WHEN: November 14th and 15th, 2009 10:30~3:30pm regardless of weather (It's best to show up early to get a good spot.)
WHERE: Coco Farm and Winery, 611 Tajima-cho, Ashikaga-shi, Tochigi-ken, Japan (take the train to Ashikaga station then take either a taxi or the shuttle to the winery)
HOW MUCH: 2000 yen (price includes, entrance to the fest, a bottle of wine (red/white/rose) and a corkscrew OR a bottle of sparkling grape juice and a bottle stopper, AND a commemorative glass. BYOF or buy food there.

3. Onsen Trip to Kinugawa
WHEN: December 12, 13. Arriving in Kinugawa at around 5pm on the Saturday, leaving at around 10am the next day.
WHERE: ホテルサンシャイン鬼怒川 (Hotel Sunshine Kinugawa). Train to Kinugawa Onsen station and a short walk.
HOW MUCH: A single 1man (10,000) note for members of Tochigi AJET, and 11,000 for non-members. Remember, you can still join...
Baths are the Japanese naked kind, but there is a private bath that can be reserved for a small, extra cost. Dinner, and Breakfast the next day are included in the price.
Please RSVP as soon as you can, use the Facebook link provided, or email me.

4. Ski Trip to Nagano!
WHEN: Early to Mid Feb, just as it gets really cold...
WHERE: Nagano Prefecture! Somewhere around where the wonderful soccer tournament was held? Liasing with Nagano AJET for bookings.
HOW MUCH: Not sure. Should be reasonable for an overnight stay and a day full of skiing, lifts, etc.
Again, RSVP via the Facebook, or to my email. I need to know numbers of interested parties in order to start the booking process.
To get the best and cheapest place, I need to book within the next few weeks, so please think about if you want to go or not, now. Thanks!

5. Culture Weekend in Nasu! Making Daruma, your own personal seal, making mochi, and udon, and seeing the amazing flowers and the like.
WHEN: May 22, 23 in Nasu.
WHERE: Windy Nasu. Can only get there by Chartered Bus, which will leave from Tochigi City.
HOW MUCH: The more people that come, the cheaper this one gets, as the bus is the biggest expense. Should be around 10,000, and was a great time last year. All you can eat meals, onsen, and excellent facilities at a very, very reasonable price.

GAJET's Annual Thanksgiving Party!

2009/11/27 - 17:30
2009/11/27 - 20:00
Event Information:

Directly after Mid-year seminar, what better way to give thanks...for all that you have learned from your colleagues...than by attending GAJET's Annual Thanksgiving Party. Hosted once again by the connoisseurs of food at G-Face Cafe in the Kencho, this year's Thanksgiving Feast will include all of the fixings that one would expect at your own Thanksgiving dinner...minus the family drama. :)

What's that? Your Thanksgiving was in October? Don't celebrate Thanksgiving? It wouldn't be the same without you, so please give us more to be thankful for and join us! The more the merrier!

Who: Anyone and Everyone
What: GAJET's Thanksgiving Party
Where: G-Face Cafe, Gunma Kencho, Maebashi
When: November 27th, Friday from 5:30pm-8pm (right after the Mid-Year Seminar)
Why: Because we have so much to be thankful for, and who doesn't love time with friends, tasty turkey and pumpkin pie!
How much: 3500 yen

Thanksgiving is for everyone. I know we say this about every event, but you don't want to miss this one. We're the envy of other prefectures for this event. Real turkey (hard to come by in Japan...and even harder to cook in a standard household "oven," pumpkin pie, mashed potatoes and all the fixings, all without lifting a finger.

*Sign up by sending an e-mail to gajetpres[at] or posting a comment here or on the facebook event page. *

Deadline November 13th
*If someone is on the final list (compiled at 12:01 November 13th), they MUST pay. No exceptions.*

BYOD and cups. Limited to 500ml per person, but a bottle of wine split between 2~3 is OK. It is government property, so keep the imbibing to a minimum and/or to the bar down the street.

Hope you see you all there!

Event Location:

G-Face Cafe, Kencho, Maebashi

Event Contact Information:

Halloween Party!

2009/10/31 - 08:00
2009/11/01 - 02:30
Event Information:

Hey Jets,

If you didn't get enough Halloween fun at your party last weekend then come on down to Freestyle Bar for our rockin Halloween party featuring live music from "Still life's bleeding wait". Prizes for best costumes all drinks 500 yen. Come and have fun! It all starts at 8pm Halloween night!

Event Location:

Freestyle bar

Event Directions:

2-5-4 Honmachi Maebashi. Across from The Apple Scotch house.

Event Contact Information:

Patrick 09099580962

Maebashi Festival

2009/10/10 - 10:30
2009/10/11 - 20:30
Event Information:

If you missed the summer festivals due to the rain, come enjoy the Maebashi Matsuri this Saturday and Sunday (apologies about the late notice). You can find stalls with all of your favorite festival snacks and games. Watch the parade from noon to 3:40, the children's mikoshi from 4 to 5:45 and adults' mikoshi from 5:45 to 8:30. You can also see lots of community groups dancing the danbei odori on route 50.

Event Location:

downtown Maebashi near Rose Arcade, Route 50 and Route 3.

Event Directions:

From Maebashi Station, head north toward Maebashi Hotel. You should be able to see and hear the fun from there (to the northwest).

Rock Show at Club Fleez

2009/10/16 - 18:30
Event Information:

Coming up on October 16th is one of the best rock shows of the year coming up and I feel that I can't not mention it to everybody here.

For ¥1500, if you get your ticket before the show, ¥2000 the day of, you get 5 great bands, though I can only vouch for 3 of them. You can get your ticket at Club Fleez, the Bee Bar, or contact me and I'll have one at the door for you.

If you haven't been to a live house in Japan yet, and you love music, you need to check out this show. The experience at Japanese live houses are great. You get a lot of good tunes, good drinks, and good times for a good price.

So, mark your calendar! October 16th at Club Fleez, be there! Well, if you like rock...

Club Fleez is located near Suzuran in Takasaki and only a 10 minute walk from the station. Their website has some good maps.


Note: I have no financial stake in this event. I just like music and people coming out to enjoy live music.

Event Location:



2009/10/03 - 22:00
2009/10/04 - 00:00
Event Information:

Date: Oct. 3
Time: 10pm-4am
Where: Kiryu - The Block
Info: There will be 6-8 DJs, a live band performance and dance performers
Price: Guys - 2000 yen w/flyer - 2000 yen and 1 free drink
Gals - 1500 yen w/flyer - 1500 yen and 1 free drink

Event Location:
Event Directions:

address: :群馬県桐生市本町4丁目323
フジヤビル3F (Gunma-ken, Kiryu-shi Honcho 4-323, Fujiya Building 3F)
go east on suehiro street from the kiryu station. turn left onto honcho street. go (roughly) 800 meters and the block will be on your left. it's located on the 3rd floor of the building so look up, man.
*also check out the website to see a map.

Event Contact Information:

for additional information, please contact marvyn cuaderno @

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