~~~~ GAJET's Christmas Enkai ~~~~

2008/12/05 - 19:45
2008/12/06 - 10:00
Event Information:

Ho ho ho, and other Christmas and other holiday sentiments!
It's already getting near that time! Can you believe it?

GAJET will be hosting it's annual Christmas Enkai at Lake Haruna on Friday, December 5th!!
Come celebrate your Christmas in Japan before you head home, to Thailand or just to your normal run of bon-enkai. The location is awesome - if you haven't been up to Lake Haruna, it's beautiful! (Just ask Darc or Jeevy)

It's all inclusive, dinner (plus all you can drink), breakfast, room and transport to/from Takasaki station. Not to mention a great onsen overlooking the lake. I know I say this about everything, but it's a going to be a great time.

Here's the skinny:
Who: you, and you and you
What: GAJET Christmas enkai
Where: 榛名湖温泉ゆうすげ元湯 (Lake Haruna Onsen Yusuge)
Bus pick up/drop off available. 7pm at Takasaki Station East Exit
When: December 5th 7:45pm~ December 6th 10am (overnight stay)
Why: Because "tis the season"
How much: 10,500 yen includes: room, onsen, dinner, breakfast, all you can drink at dinner

Secret Santa: 1000 yen max gift to be exchanged.

Deadline to sign-up: November 30th
No changes after the 30th, if you're on the list after then, as always, you're committed to paying regardless of your attendance.
I have space for 35 people.

As usual, comment here or send an email to gajet.admin[]

See you there!

~~~ Der FINAL Listen ~~~~
1. Peter C
2. David L
3. Shauna I
4. Ken P
5. Mischa T
6. Matt T
7. Travis S
8. Sarah M
9. Dara H
10. Ronan C
11. Alison R
12. Jessica A. D
13. Kenji McC
14. Brooke B
15. Byron A
16. Dario De L
17. Brian K
18. Dean H
19. Adam Z
20. Jennifer L
21. Isaac H

GAJET's Thanksgiving! Deadline for sign-ups extended AGAIN!

2008/11/07 - 19:00
2008/11/07 - 21:00
Event Information:

Update: you've got until SUNDAY to sign up now! Yeah!!!

Who: Anyone and Everyone
What: GAJET's Thanksgiving Party
Where: G-Face Cafe, Gunma Kencho, Maebashi
When: November 7th, Friday from 7~9pm (a compromise between the Canadian and the American holiday)
Why: Because we have so much to be thankful for, and who doesn't love time with friends, tasty turkey and pumpkin pie!
How much: 3500 yen

Yes, it's early, we know. Consider it a compromise between Canadian Thanksgiving and American, but don't feel at all that you need to be one of those two nationalities! Thanksgiving is for everyone. I know we say this about every event, but you don't want to miss this one. We're the envy of other prefectures for this event. Real turkey, pumpkin pie, mashed potatoes and all the fixings, all without lifting a finger.

Sign up by sending an e-mail to gajet.admin[at] or posting a comment here. Sorry, facebook reservations aren't accepted on this one.

Deadline October 26th
If someone is on the final list (compiled at 12:01 October 27th), they MUST pay. No exceptions.
BYOD and cups. Limited to 500ml per person, but a bottle of wine split between 2~3 is OK.

-- The List Begins --
1. Ken P.
2. Jeevy S.
3. Dara H
4. Ben B.
5. Byron A.
6. Kelli S.
7. Mike B.
8. Sean B.
9. Helen A.
10. Stephen H.
11. Aki Tanimoto
12. Brooke B.
13. Lyle K.
14. Lesely J.
15. Liz S.
16. Jonathan H.
17. David L.
18. Geoff D.
19. Andrea B.
20. Chris C
21. Isaac H.
22. Jennifer H.
23. Teri C.
24. Jonas W.
25. Travis S.
26. Brent T.
27. Symerna B.
28. Leslie F.
29. James B.
30. Mya T.
31. Laurel S.
32. Alex S.
33. Jen Kaske
34. Shauna I.
35. Tomomi
36. Terry's +1

ALPINE TECH FEST - Snowboarding & Techno Party

2008/01/23 - 20:32
2008/01/25 - 20:32
Event Information:

You are all invited to join us for another great weekend in Minakami, Gunma for the Alpine Tech Fest winter snowboard & techno party!

Welcome to Alpine Lodge - Minakami, Japan and the ALPINE TECH FEST!!

About the Lodge:

Alpine Lodge is situated in the mountain township of Minakami, one of Japan's premiere hot spring and ski resorts in the North of Gunma Prefecture. The lodge is primely located in the Yubiso area (valley of the hidden hot springs), which lies in the center of Minakami's 10 ski fields, with the closest field just 200 meters from the back door.

Guests have a variety of activities and adventures to choose from while staying at the lodge. In Winter, on-piste skiing and snowboard lessons, snowshoe tours and some of Japan's best backcountry riding. In Summer, worldclass whitewater rafting and canyoning, moutainbiking and a huge variety of other adventures. Alpine Lodge has a package that is suitable for everyone.

Every weekend there will be various music and outdoor events ranging from acoustic live to DJ's and bands.

Ski & snow board pacakges also available for only 25,000 yen!

WINTER 2009 JAN 23 - JAN 25

Parties 4 Peace Presents
@ Minakami Alpine Lodge

This year is going to be BIG! With a Hot Hot Summer, we are bound to have lots of powder this year for the ALPINE TECH FEST , winter Ski/Snowboard & Techno party in Minakami !

Accomodation for over 40 people with great deals! Packages for the party + bus + 2 day lift passes + accomodation!

Alpine Lodge, Minakami

Featuring Tech-House and Minimal DJs

Snowboard and Techno Party !
Time: 21:00 - LATE
Entrance: 3000 yen (1,000 yen discount
if booked with accomodation)
Package Deal for 25,000 yen all inclusive!!

Check out the sweet lodge at

PHOTOS from previous ALPINE TECH FEST events.

FEB 2008

FEB 2007

DEC 2006

Location: Alpine Lodge Minakami
Address: Gunma-ken, Tone-gun,
Minakami-machi, Yubiso 45

(Friday Night leaves at 8 pm – Sunday night
arrives at 10 pm in Tokyo)
Roundtrip bus + party + 2 nights accomodation + 2 day lift pass !
ONLY 25,000 yen!

(Joetsu Shinkansen)
70 minutes from Tokyo or Niigata to
Jomo-Kogen Station
20 minutes by bus from Jomo-kogen
to Minakami station
* Free shuttle bus from Minakami station to party ! Just book!

(Joetsu line)
140 minutes from Ueno to Minakami by Express train "The Minakami-go"

100 minutes from Kan-etsu expressway/
Nerima I.C. or Niigata I.C. to Minakami I.C.


* Bus from Tokyo leaving FRIDAY night Jan 23rd –
returns to Tokyo on Sunday evening Jan 25th !!
To BOOK > email

BUS DEPARTS on FRIDAY JAN 23rd @8:00 PM from
Shinjuku West Exit (Subaru Building)
[Walking from the ground floor] If you are
standing in front of the Odakyu Dept. Store
in the JR Shinjuku West Entrance, you will
see the SUBARU BLDG across the street.

*MEETING POINT (click below)
link for map: (in Japanese) - Party & Event Information

Event Location:

Alpine Lodge
Gunma-ken, Tone-gun,
Minakami-machi, Yubiso 45

Event Directions:

(Joetsu Shinkansen)
70 minutes from Tokyo or Niigata to
Jomo-Kogen Station
20 minutes by bus from Jomo-kogen
to Minakami station
* Free shuttle bus from Minakami station to party ! Just book!

(Joetsu line)
140 minutes from Ueno to Minakami by Express train "The Minakami-go"

100 minutes from Kan-etsu expressway/
Nerima I.C. or Niigata I.C. to Minakami I.C.


* Bus from Tokyo leaving FRIDAY night Jan 23rd –
returns to Tokyo on Sunday evening Jan 25th !!
To BOOK > email

Event Contact Information:

Are you (or do you know) a former JET?

2008/10/06 - 01:56
2008/11/28 - 22:56
Event Information:

Are you a former participant of the Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) Programme?

National AJET is conducting a survey for alumni of the JET Programme. The purpose of this survey is to determine how former JET Programme participants are currently connected with Japan or are connecting members of their communities with Japanese culture. Getting the help from alumni will enable National AJET and the JET Programme to work together to find solutions for the issues at hand.

Also, please pass the survey link to any former JET participants you know.
This is an online survey and can be completed by going to

For any comments or questions, please contact Jennifer Park at
Thank you very much for your help.

National AJET

Privacy Statement: These surveys are designed so that the information you give us will not identify you or put you at risk of being identified by people who see the survey's results. Where we ask for extended comments, you do not need to provide us with your name or identifying information. Please feel free to phrase your responses so that you maintain your privacy as you wish.

OCTOBER 19th 交流まつり

2008/09/29 - 19:00
Event Information:


roll out to Isesaki October 19th and meet fellow foriegners from all walks of life and ethnicity.

People from countries such as Peru, Philippines, Brazil, Taiwan, Korea, China, Indonesia, Vietnam, Russia, Iran, and more will be sharing their culture through food, dance, and just plain old communication. There is no entrance fee and no obligation to stay for a certain amount of time. A big plus is that (for me at least) there is no obligation to speak English. Another benefit is that one might be able to associate with people who might share the same ethnicity as them or associte with individuals whose culture you might want to learn more about. For example, a friend of mine who is of Vietnamese back ground met a Vietnamese family that owned a restaurant. He ended up volunteering there and had a great time.

So roll out make some friends, eat some food, chill with me, and enjoy one of the last days you will be able to stand out side without freezing.



Event Location:


It's a building.

Event Directions:

10 minuite walk from Isesaki Station. If you are intrested in going please contact me.

~~GAJET's Halloween Party~~

2008/10/25 - 21:00
2008/10/25 - 23:59
Event Information:

When: October 25th, 9pm~???
Where: Suzzy's Bar in Takasaki (Takasakitonyamachi) (Take the Tonya exit out of the station, go straight down the street until you come to a Jomo gas station on the left corner. Turn right, Suzzy's is atop the bar with the neon pink lighting.)
How much: 2000 w/flier or reservation, 2500 at the door (price includes 1 "free" drink)
Who: everyone and anyone

Costumes are highly suggested
Prize to best costume!
This event is always awesome, and always fun. Come tear up the dance floor, admire your peers creativity in costume design, and have a great time.

Reservations accepted in the comments!

See attached map or check yahoo or google maps.
The address is 群馬県高崎市問屋町1丁目10-1.
There is plenty of free street parking.
Please don't drink and drive.

Full Moon Party

2008/10/11 - 23:17
2008/10/13 - 23:17
Event Information:

Does anyone know for sure that all the full moon parties are off for the year?? i really want to go to the October one!!

Dam pot smoking hippies!! if anyone knows either way please let me know!

cheers. Andrew_Kiryu

Event Location:


Event Directions:


GAJET Canyoning! Full again!

2008/10/12 - 00:00
2008/10/13 - 23:59
Event Information:

GAJET's long awaited, and always fun canyoning trip is coming up! The period for reservations and payment is now!

What's canyoning? It's wearing a bunch of protective gear and sliding down natural water slides in the natural beauty of Gunma. Canyons has been in Gunma for years, and their trips are professional, safe and a most importantly fun.

Who should come? You! It's an awesome time! Everyone is welcome... until we have 25 people.

What's included? Professionally guided canyon tour, including gear rental and transport. An after canyoning BBQ, lodging for the evening AND a post canyoning party with DJs from the now infamous Full Moon Parties

How much? price is 13,500. We MUST receive your payment by furikomi before the event. (Don't worry, the furikomi procedure is actually quite easy, and we'll guide you through it)

What else?
The deadline is September 31st (no exceptions, no changes)
limit 25 people.
If you plan on driving or carpooling please let us know. Canyons will provide transport for people coming in by train, but we need to have numbers.

Reservations are accepted ONLY through e-mail to gajet.admin[at] (it's important I have everyone's email so we can explain the furikomi transfer and give you our bank account number to do it)

what to bring:
bathing suit, towel, toiletries, bug spray, sunscreen, camera, cash, insurance card (you should always carry this), clothes (you should generally wear these), etc.

yoroshiku onegaishimasu!

1. R. Conlon
2. L. Kozloff
3. J. Dombeck (Driving from Numata area)
4. A.Chin
5. B. Basu
6. B. Bahn
7. A. Tanimoto
8. B. Kennedy
9. D. Hutchinson
10. A. Bols
11. T. Shivel
12. C.Leon
13. Len Kaske
14. K. Prokopetz
15. S. Creane
16. R. Higgins
17. M. Englar
18. J. Daniel
19. S. Imanaka
20. T. Hess
21. J. Tomas
22. M. Perez
23. S. Pang
24. J. Passmore
25. D. Strubel

GAJET's September Sumo Trip~!!! Deadline Passed, Sign-ups over!

2008/09/27 - 00:00
2008/09/27 - 23:59
Event Information:

It's that time of year again! Take a break from focusing on your butt area (and keeping it safe from small fingers) and spend the day focusing on two huge guys' butts. (or their incredible deftness and skill, your choice)

That's right, it's sumo time.

Who? You!
What? Day trip to the sumo tournament at the Nihon Sumo Kyokai in Tokyo
When? Saturday, September 27 2008

We'll meet up at Takasaki Station, and head as a group down to the Kyokai in the morning on the 27th. Enjoy a great day of sumo, and grab a bite before we head our separate ways.

Pricing isn't worked out entirely yet, but if we want tickets we need numbers NOW. A larger group means we may qualify for a discount. For now plan for about 4,000 yen, although the actual price will probably be a bit cheaper. (This isn't including your train fare to Tokyo) If you're interested please leave a comment or email me at gajet.admin [at] gmail {dot} com by SEPTEMBER 8

It's going to be a blast.

SEPTEMBER 8 is the LAST DAY for reservations. No changes after SEPTMEBER 8. Even if it's 12:01 am September 9th there will be NO CHANGES.

The final day has passed. This is the final list. It looks like a great (and HUGE) group. I'm going to get the tickets sorted today, and we'll move quickly on to our battle plan.

If you didn't get on the list and still want to go, please get in contact with me. Not all hope is lost. There a few ways of getting tickets by yourself, and I'll be more than happy to help you find them.

------ The FINAL List Begins -------

D.Lynch +2 (Maria and Nozomi)

Total: 34 people

---- The List Ends ----

Great Japan BEER Festival

2008/09/06 - 00:00
2008/09/07 - 23:59
Event Information:

All who say "I LOVE BEER" should come!

Drinkers will be able to drink more than 120 micro brewed beers.

Advanced tickets can be bought at LAWSON for 3,600yen
Tickets at the door are 4,100yen

More info can be found at:


Event Location:

Osanbashi Hall
1-1-4, Kaigan-dori, Naka-ku, Yokohama

Event Contact Information:
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