Ukiyoe Tour & Foreigners' Afternoon Tea

2009/02/22 - 12:50
2009/02/22 - 16:00
Event Information:

On Sunday 22nd February from 1-4pm, there's going to be a great afternoon of culture and communication for foreign residents of Gunma. The Foreigners' Afternoon Tea will get free entrance into the Ukiyoe exhibit at Takasaki Tower Museum of Art and one of the museum staff will show us around (with English interpreting). After that, we'll walk the 5 minutes to Takasaki Museum to see an oil painting exhibition, and then to the neighbouring community centre for the afternoon tea.

It's a great chance for foreigners in the area to meet other foreigners. I'll also have some information for everyone about life in Gunma and about the monetary handout the Japanese government plans to distribute at the beginning of March.

It's 100 yen per person to cover afternoon tea costs, and please bring a snack to share with everyone. Call my office (in English of course) to sign up by Monday 16th February. Meet at the 2nd floor entrance of Yamada Denki (east side of Takasaki station) at 12:50pm!

Hope to see you there!

International Relations Office
Takasaki City Hall
t: 027-321-1201

Hina Matsuri in Gunma

2009/02/14 - 00:00
2009/03/08 - 23:59
Event Information:
The Hina Matsuri is held to pray for the healthy growth of girls across Japan. The festival used to be held on the 3rd of March of the old calendar which is around April in today’s terms, but now it is held on the 3rd of March each year. The Hina Matsuri is also referred to as “The Peach Festival” because March of the old calendar was when the peach blossoms would bloom.
The Hina Matsuri is believed to have originated in the Heian Period when children of noble families in Kyoto did it for fun. Then during the Edo Period this spread throughout the country with girls playing with dolls and also performed “Nagashi Bina” where simple dolls were thrown into rivers or the sea taking bad luck and misfortune with them. When a Hina Doll is displayed, it is a wish for the doll to take the child’s place and any misfortune that may befall the child.
Interestingly enough, the order for the Emperor and Empress dolls to sit in is different between Kanto and Kyoto. In Kanto, the Emperor doll is placed on the left hand side when facing the stand, whereas in Kyoto, he is placed on the right.
Here are a couple of Hina Matsuri that are happening in Gunma.
The “7th Tatebayashi Hina Matsuri” will be held at the old Akimoto Bettei from Saturday, February 14th until Wednesday, March 4th. There will be 7-level decoration displays, wood-carved dolls, and mini Hina dolls displayed. The festival is about a 10 minute drive from the Tatebayashi Interchange on the Touhoku Expressway. For more information, please contact the Tatebayashi Tourism Association at 0276-72-4111.
The “Stone Steps Hina Matsuri” will be held on the famous stone steps of Ikaho in Shibukawa city on Saturday, March 7th and Sunday, March 8th. At this festival, lovely children wearing beautiful Hina clothing and makeup will appear on the steps. For more information please contact the Ikaho Onsen Tourism Association at 0279-72-3151.
Event Location:
    7th Tatebayashi Hina Matsuri @ Old Akimoto Bettei
    〒374-0019 Obiki-chō 8-1, Tatebayashi
    Stone Steps Hina Matsuri @ Ikaho Stone Steps Mainstreet
    〒377-0102 Ikaho-machi, Ikaho Area, Shibukawa

Nekolove skiing/snowboarding weekend!!

2009/01/31 - 23:13
Event Information:

Nekolove will be playing The Alpine Lodge in Minikami and we got a super hook up on an accommodation and lift pass package for those who come out to the gig. It`s gonna be a blast...make your reservation while you still can!!!!


Tree Fiddy

DJ: H + special guest

20:00 - 24:00
24:00 - DJ H

1 night accommodation + 2 days lift pass (Okutone and /or Houdaigi) = 10000
1 night accommodation + 1 day lift pass (Okutone and /or Houdaigi) =
7000 yen Accommodation will be at Alpine Lodge:

Free party entrance

With over 200cm of snow base in Minakami and more snow on the way Jan 31st
is shaping up to be a big weekend of powder and rock with 2 quality Gunma bands. Come up and support Gunma artists!

Hope we'll see you there!

Event Location:


Event Contact Information:

contact Mike at the alpine Lodge for reservations and contact Eddie for anyother info...

Tonight Nekolove HIGH TIMES

2008/12/22 - 20:00
2008/12/23 - 04:00
Event Information:

It`s on!!! it opens at 8pm ends at 4am. all you can eat and all you can drink! manzai comedy, djs, and of course a little NEKOlove...its going to be a rocking all night christmas party...3500-4000yen.

Event Location:

HighTimes Takasaki

Event Contact Information:

EddieMcCarty* 08030999434

Tonight Nekolove HIGH TIMES

2008/12/22 - 20:00
2008/12/23 - 04:00
Event Information:

It`s on!!! it opens at 8pm ends at 4am. all you can eat and all you can drink! manzai comedy, djs, and of course a little NEKOlove...its going to be a rocking all night christmas party...3500-4000yen.

Event Location:

HighTimes Takasaki

Event Contact Information:

EddieMcCarty* 08030999434

Minikami acoustic set/ nekolove dates

2008/12/20 - 20:30
Event Information:

It's me Eddie. Well there was a cancelation at canyons and I have been asked to perform instead. Trying to make a party of it so i'm gonna stuff a SUV full of people and ride up there. If your interested in going up to canyons this Saturday then send me a message

Also nekolove has two performances coming up. Friday at Helen pub maebashi around 8:30-9ish and on Monday at high times takasaki. The gig in maebashi is free to my knowledge. The one at high times is a Christmas party with a bunch a bands. We don't have tickets at this point. A whole weekend of rock!!!!

Global Cafe Special

2008/12/11 - 18:20
2008/12/11 - 20:00
Event Information:

Would you like a chance to give a 10-15 minute presentation and meet many local Gunma residents?

ON December 10th Gunma Prefectural Women's University will
host the GLOBAL CAFÉ SPECIAL and Pot-Luck Party

Volunteer presenters will receive a ¥5000 thank-you.
Of course, non-presenters are also welcome to attend.

Global Café is a weekly English conversation group for people from around Gunma. Every Thursday from 6.30 - 7.45, Japanese people of a wide variety of ages and backgrounds gather at the Gunma Kencho in Maebashi to practice English, have some tea or coffee, and meet foreigners in a relaxed atmosphere. Native speakers who volunteer receive a ¥2000 thank-you.

Every few months, Global Cafe hosts a special event – the Café Special -- where people have the opportunity to give brief presentations. The suggested theme for this session's Global Café Special is: Travel Abroad. But don’t let that limit you; past presenters have often been ALT's talking about their homes and cultures, experience in Japan or anything that interests them. Topics have included: the history of blues music, Mongolian Throat Singing, Kosher cuisine, the controversy surrounding Dokuto island (claimed by both Japan and Korea), life as a foreigner in Japan and China, life as an immigrant to the US, and traditional Samoan culture. Presentations only need to be 10-15 minutes, the presenter will receive a ¥5000 gift card as a thank-you, and there is a pot-luck dinner afterwards where Japanese people bring home-made dishes and sweets.

So come out, make a short speech (and put it on your resume) and enjoy meeting new people and eating some food.

Event Location:

Gunma Kencho Showa Chosa Annex room 315

Event Directions:

The Kencho is a 10-15 minute walk from Maebashi station. Leave via the North exit and walk straight down 17, the large four-lane road leading North directly accross from the station for about 5 minutes until you come to the 4-way intersection of 17 and 50 with the Maebashi Hotel on the Northeast corner (across the street on the right) and several pedestrian over-passes. Turn left and go down 50 until you see the Kencho. Its the tallest building in Gunma. The Showa Chosha Annex is the 3 story building adjoining it on the right as you approach the front entrance.

Event Contact Information:

Contact Clark Quigley at Gunma Prefectural Women's University

Rock out for Dalit - Benefit Show

2008/11/23 - 15:00
2008/11/23 - 21:00
Event Information:

Come to Bric Bloc Bar and Cafe in Kiryu, support an awesome cause, have some drinks on the long weekend, and listen to some great music!

Check out the sounds of:
Three Fiddy (Gunma JET rock)
Keisho Kikuchi (Tech house, Minimal, Techno)
DJ Okamoto (House, Reggae, All Genre)
Blotto (Tokyo J-Punk)
Broken Mountain (Saitama J-Punk)
DER T MAC (Neo-Erotica)

Cost: 2,000 yen (that includes 1 drink!)

All proceeds will go to buying building materials for the upcoming Building Communities volunteer trip - led by Gunma JET Annie Falch (Ota) - in Andhra Pradesh, India. This December we will be breaking ground in a Dalit (formerly know as untouchables) village of mostly widows. So come out, support a great cause, dance, drink, and make new friends!
(If you would like more information on Building Communities and the work camp, check out the following website:


Event Location:

Bric Block Bar and Cafe, Kiryu, Gunma

Event Directions:

Bric Bloc is a 10 minute walk from JR Kiryu Station. Walk out the north exit and cross the street and turn right. You will pass Nagasakiya, Denny's and more. At the Honcho intersection, turn left. You will pass Gunma Bank and a 711. Bric Bloc is the bar directly after the alley next to 711.

Event Contact Information:

Annie Falch

Hokkaido 60th Yuki Matsuri package information

2008/02/06 - 20:15
2008/02/08 - 20:15
Event Information:

This went out in one of the AJET emails recently.

The HAJET Tour dates are Friday, February 6th through Sunday, February 8th. Tentatively, the activities offered will be a tabe/nomihodai enkai, a Snow Package for those who want to test out Hokkaido’s luscious powder, and a sightseeing tour for famous areas around Sapporo.

Flights will be offered from Tokyo, Fukuoka, Osaka, and Nagoya. We can also arrange transport from other locations upon request. We can only accommodate 150 people, so get your reservations in soon!

Please contact Tiffany at for more details.

Event Location:

Sapporo, Hokkaido

Event Contact Information:

Please contact Tiffany at

The Blues Hounds Year-End DANCE-PARTY!!!

2008/11/29 - 19:30
2008/11/29 - 23:00
Event Information:

Howdy all!!

Harold Stewart of The Blues Hounds here!

Just wanted to let you all know about my Band's last BIG danceーparty event of the year!!

It's happening in Maebashi on Nov. 29th, from 20:00 - 23:00 (doors open @ 19:30), at a Live house called REVIVAL, in the Johtoh Building, near Chuo-Maebashi train station.

Tel: 027-234-4320 or 090-1252-0666

We'll be playing THREE FULL SETS of live music, so bring your dancing shoes!

Entry is 1500 yen & includes one drink!!

The Blues Hounds are one of Japan's TOP Blues Bands, & have been playing in Japan for 9 years, opening & closing shows for Japan's top artists!!

We also made our U.S. Debut in 2004, with a week of shows on the east-coast!

If you've yet to experience these Gunma boys "gettin' down", then you don't know what you're missing!

By all means, please stop out for a great night of dancing, drinking, & red-hot LIVE music!!

We'll be lookin' for ya at the show!!

Please feel free to contact Harold directly, at:


Event Location:

REVIVAL Night lounge, in the Johtoh Building, near chuo-Maebashi train Station.
Gunma, Maebashi, Johtoh-Machi 2 Chome 3-10

Event Directions:

Approximately 1 block from Chuo-Maebashi Station.

Event Contact Information:


REVIVAL: 027-234-4320

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