Tokyo Game Show 2009

2009/09/26 - 09:00
2009/09/27 - 17:30
Event Information:

Are you into the newest and hottest video games?
Head to the Game Science Museum in Tokyo this weekend!

I went a couple years ago, even though I am not a video gamer, but I enjoyed it!

~~~GAJET's Annual HALLOWEEN Bash! ~~~

2009/10/24 - 21:00
2009/10/25 - 02:00
Event Information:

GAJET is proud to present its annual Halloween Bash!!!
A spookily good time!!!

Who: everyone and anyone
What: GAJET's Annual Halloween Bash!
Where: Suzzy's Bar in Takasaki (Takasakitonyamachi) (Take the Tonya exit out of the station, go straight down the street (pass the ramen restaurant at the big intersection) until you come to a Jomo gas station (under contruction) on the left corner. Turn right, Suzzy's is atop the bar with the neon pink lighting.)
When: Saturday, October 24th, 9pm~???
How much: 2000 w/flier (to be posted later) or reservation, 2500 at the door (price includes 1 "free" drink)

Costumes are highly suggested
Prize to best costume!

This event is always awesome, and always fun. Come tear up the dance floor, admire your peers creativity in costume design, and have a great time.

Reservations accepted in the comments!

Check yahoo or google maps or navitime (日本語)
The address is 群馬県高崎市問屋町1丁目10-1.
There is plenty of free street parking.
Please don't drink and drive.

Event Location:

Train wreck birthday party!

2009/09/19 - 07:30
2009/09/20 - 02:30
Event Information:

Hey it's my birthday. I am turning 47 which is closer to fifty than thirty or forty, so I wanna party like it's 1999 and Y2K is about to send us back into the stone age. It's my train wreck party and I wanna get as wasted as a trian wreck to help me celebrate another year on this planet. We will have some food and drinks and maybe even a little live music. We will also have special "train wreck" shots to help you speed along to your hangover. So come one and all to Freestyle Bar this Saturday the nineteenth to help me celebrate your birthday and mine! Free drink to fellow Virgos! The party starts at 7:30 and ends sometime after two. Please come won't you?

Event Location:

Freestyle Bar.

2-5-4 Honmachi Maebashi

Event Directions:

Across from Apple Scotch House

Find us on

Event Contact Information:

090 9958 0962 Patrick

Ashikaga Wine Fest (aka Coco Farm and Winery 2009 Harvest Festival)

2009/11/14 - 10:30
2009/11/15 - 15:30
Event Information:

What better to way to celebrate fall than drinking wine, eating good food and enjoying great company?

Join GAJET and many people from near and far for a great day (or two if you wish) in Tochigi at the Wine Fest.

WHO: You and you and you

WHAT: Ashikaga Wine Fest (more formerly known as the Coco Farm and Winery Harvest Festival)

WHERE: Coco Farm and Winery, 611 Tajima-cho, Ashikaga-shi, Tochigi-ken, Japan (take the train to Ashikaga station then take either a taxi or the shuttle to the winery)

WHEN: November 14th and 15th, 2009 10:30~3:30pm regardless of weather (It's best to show up early to get a good spot.)

WHY: Because who doesn't love drinking wine with friends in the mountains of Tochigi? (sparkling grape juice available for drivers and teetotalers)

HOW MUCH: 2000 yen (price includes, entrance to the fest, a bottle of wine (red/white/rose) and a corkscrew OR a bottle of sparkling grape juice and a bottle stopper, AND a commemorative glass. BYOF or buy food there.

Event Location:

Coco Farm and Winery, Ashikaga, Tochigi

Event Directions:

Take the train to Ashikaga Station. Then take a taxi/shuttle/walk to the winery.

Event Contact Information:

got questions?

Freestyle Bar Fireworks Party

2009/08/08 - 00:00
Event Information:

Saturday night is Fireworks night in Maebashi and we will be having a party to help celebrate. Come by on your way to or from the festival for some ice cold beer, yummy pizza and two for one choice of shots from our bar. The fun starts at 4 and ends at two.

Event Location:

Freestyle Cafe & Bar 2-5-4 Honmachi Maebashi

Event Directions:

Located across from the Apple Scotch House in Central Maebashi

Event Contact Information:

289 3715

Event Latitude:
36.388138 N
Event Longitude:
139.069854 E

GAJET's Annual Welcome Beer Garden!!!

2009/08/22 - 17:00
2009/08/22 - 21:29
Event Information:

It's that time of year again!!! The last days of summer are around the corner...and so are the newest members of our JET community.

Come join GAJET in welcoming the new JETs at our annual Welcome Beer Garden!

All you can drink (non-alcoholic drinks available, as are drinks other than beer) and all you can eat for 4 whole hours... and it costs less than 3,000 yen!

Men are 2800 yen, Women 2400.

Guaranteed to be a good time. See you there!

Event Location:

Takashimaya Department Store Rooftop, Takasaki

Event Directions:

Go out the WEST exit of Takasaki station and head toward Tower Records. Takashimaya Department Store is on the left. Take the elevator to the roof.

GAJET's Welcome KARAOKE Night!

2009/08/11 - 21:00
2009/08/11 - 23:30
Event Information:

GAJET is proud to present:

Who: You and you and you!

What: A night of karaoke fun

Where: QB Karaoke (027-237-0001)
〒371-0022 群馬県前橋市千代田町3丁目11-6

When: August 11th 9:00~11:30 p.m.
(after the orientation welcome reception)
(meet at the Maebashi hotel at 9pm SHARP!)

Why: It’s fun to mingle, meet new people and sing!

How much: 2600 yen/person
Price includes drinks!

(Still up for more after karaoke? Follow people to Freestyle Cafe & Bar )

*disclaimer: the following day is a work day, please drink responsibly*

Event Location:

QB Karaoke (027-237-0001)
〒371-0022 群馬県前橋市千代田町3丁目11-6

Event Contact Information:

Brooke Brown

Takasaki Festival

2009/08/01 - 00:00
2009/08/01 - 23:59
Event Information:

The Takasaki Festival is vitalized by Mikoshi, Dashi, Ohayashi and is the event that everyone looks forward to. Portable shrines and floats are drawn throughout the city with encouraging encouraging shouts. In the evening, one of the largest fireworks shows in the Northern Kanto area is held on the shores of the Karasu River.

Event Location:

Takasaki, Gunma


2009/07/26 - 13:00
2009/07/26 - 16:00
Event Information:

Hey everyone!
Just keeping you informed.....
I'm planning on going to the Gunma Diamond Pegasus baseball game this Sunday in Shibukawa.

It starts at 1pm and usually lasts around 3 hours.

If you plan to go to the Heso Matsuri on Saturday and then plan to stay over in Shibukawa this would be the perfect way to spend your Sunday!

Let me know if you need a ride/help finding the place.


Leanne Costa

Event Location:


Shibukawa baseball stadium

Chiba Beach Party

2009/06/27 - 17:25
2009/06/28 - 17:25
Event Information:

Some Chiba JETs are having a beach party, for those of you not attending the goodbye party this weekend...


27 June Onjuku Beach day / Birthday party [Lunch time to sunset]
What: Beach Birthday lunch
Where: Onjuku – on beach not to far from the camels
When: Saturday 27 June 12ish
Who: Open invitation
Notes: Last train north (Chiba bound) 21:50. At this point in time we are very limited in providing accommodation. There are local hotels if people wish to book them. Just let us know and we can provide details.


Event Location:


Event Directions:

Takasaki Map
JR Rapid Urban 06/27/2009
[97min.] 101.4km 3570yen
JR Keihintohoku Line 08:41pm
[7min.] 3.6km
Limited Express Wakashio No.27 09:00pm
[84min.] 104.6km UnReserved 1300yen
Onjuku Map

Event Contact Information:
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